About FemSide

Launched in Summer 2013, FemSide.com is your brand new Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine that covers the latest fashion trends, offers hairstyle ideas, beauty and skin care tips, makeup and nail art tutorials that will give you daily inspiration and advice to look brilliant all the time.

FemSide’s diet and fitness plans guide you to a healthier lifestyle so you can keep your body balanced, developing a daily routine to get in your best shape! The Health section offers natural treatments and home remedies for the most frequent diseases and helps you identify medical symptoms and any signs of diseases, so you will know when it’s best to consult a specialist.

We also love to discuss about relationships and our mission is to find solutions to the most common issues. Want to find out how compatible are you and your partner? Check out our Sex & Relationships section!

A harmonious life begins with our Home – that’s why home decor is a very important topic on FemSide. The magical design and decoration ideas you find in our Home & Garden section will help you fill the spaces of your home with life and harmony.

FemSide helps you choose your next vacation too, just follow our Travel tips!

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