7 Tips for Home Hair Colouring

7 Tips for Home Hair Colouring

Do you prefer to save money by colouring your hair at home? The problem is that it never looks quite as good as when you have it done professionally; and it’s definitely not as easy. Here are some tips to make your home hair colouring as simple and quick as possible.

Don’t Bother Shampooing Your Hair First

You may think that clean hair works better for hair colouring, but that isn’t the case. Think about when you go to the hair dressers. Your hair isn’t washed first. Shampooing strips the hair of natural oils, which actually help the hair dye and protect your hair from the chemicals more. In fact, avoid shampoo at all when dyeing your hair. It will just strip the colour afterwards too, making it look dull from day one.

Read Those Instructions

You’ve dyed your hair in the past, so there’s no need to read the instructions now, right? Wrong! You need to check the instructions every time you go to dye your hair. There may be a change, or you may have forgotten that one bit of important information. Just a few minutes extra with the hair dye on your hair will give considerable different results.

Opt for a Couple of Shades Different at the Most

Changing from platinum blonde to dark brown is a definitely no-no, especially with home colouring kits. Focus on changing it by a couple of shades at the most, whether you’re going lighter or darker. If you really want to make a dramatic change, talk to a professional, who will be able to customise the colour for you.


Think About Your Hair Length and Thickness

You want to make sure you have enough hair dye. If you have very long or thick hair, one bottle is not always enough. The best thing to do is buy two. If you don’t use it, you can store it in the cupboard for next time. Buying two will help to get that even colour throughout the whole head of hair.

Check the Type of Hair Dye

Do you want a permanent change? Maybe you want a colour that will wash out over a period of time. Whenever you buy the formula, check how long it is supposed to last. There are a few different options: permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent.

Use a Comb to Separate Your Hair

You need to get an even layer on all your hair. Once you start using the dye, it will get harder to separate the strands, so use a comb and some clips. Work on the lower layers first, getting into the roots and then spreading it across to the tips, and then release bits of hair a strand at a time.

Ask Someone to Help

If you really struggle, it may be worth asking a friend to help. This is a great way to make sure the hair at the back is caught, and the dye is even everywhere. Just make sure you ask in advance and set an appropriate time slot for it.

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