Bad Hair Day at Work? Fix It!

Bad Hair Day at Work? Fix It!

Are you having a bad hair day in your work place? You don’t need to put up with it for the rest of your day. You can deal with it. The trick is to think about your type of hair and the look that you are going for. You may find that you have to choose a slightly different look to avoid the bad hair happening again.

businesswoman-work-computer-hair-stressHave a Conditioning Spray in Your Desk Drawer

This takes some planning but is definitely worthwhile. Invest in a conditioning spray—you could even make your own if you need to.

This will help to tame frizzy hair but you need to avoid wetting it too much. Once you go past the damp stage, you will just get the frizz when it dries. Let your hair dry naturally afterwards.

hair-conditionerUse a Texturizing Spray

Another one you need to plan ahead for and this time it is for those with fine hair. Your hair can start to look greasy and limp really quickly.

Use the texturising spray on your roots with your hair tipped over. You’ll get volume instantly and see the oils disappear.

hair-ironing-straighteningHave a Set of Mini Flat Irons

No matter how well you straighten your hair before you leave, there is always a curl by the time you get to work. This may not be a problem in most cases but if you work in the public or you have an important business meeting, you want to look your best.

Invest in a set of mini flat irons. You can keep them in your desk or in your handbag. Simply plug them in when you get to work and get that kink out.

hair-brushDon’t Brush Static Hair

After a long commute, static hair can be a problem. There are serums and sprays that can help deal with this, which is beneficial, but there is one thing that you need to avoid doing completely: brushing your hair!

This will make your hair worse! If you have oily hair, watch out for the serums. Theses will usually make your hair look worse.

beautiful-long-hair-brunetteHave Some Dry Shampoo

By the end of the day, your hair will start to look limp. Revitalize it with some dry shampoo.

You can quickly spray it in your hair, while it is tipped upside down, and make it glisten and shine again. Put your hair up after this in a smart bun or twist. This will keep the shine without your hair looking flat and dull.

Playing-with-hairStop Twirling Your Hair

One of the biggest reasons for bad hair is the amount you play with it. Don’t twist your fingers in your hair or play with the tips. Not only is it a bad habit when talking to others, it is bad for your hair.

The oils on your hands get into your hair; not to mention the dirt and bacteria. Are you a hair sucked? Stop that too!

sea-saltTry a Salt Spray

Wavy hair needs a salt spray to add the curls back. Spray it in when the waves start to drop and then put it in a tight bun.

Once the hair is dry, release the hair and the waves will fall again

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