Choosing a New Hair Colour: What It Will Say About You

Choosing a New Hair Colour: What It Will Say About You

Are you thinking about a change in hair colour? Did you know a new one will say a lot about you? For example, a bold colour will show that you have confidence and you will need to come off that way in your personality. Here are a few things that your choice of hair colour will say about you to make sure you get the one that you want.

Blondes Show They Give Things Their Attention

Blonde, especially platinum blonde, is a rare colour. At the same time, it requires a lot of work and attention. Someone who chooses this colour for themselves shows that they have the time and personality for such work, which is beneficial in other areas of their work and life. You need to be careful about letting your roots show as it makes it look like you don’t want to give something your attention.

Golden Blonde for the Fun and Flirty

If you want to show off your fun and flirty personality, it may be worth opting for the golden blonde look. This is linked to the girl-next door look, as well as the beautiful bombshell. It’s great when matched with someone with an outgoing style and taste. Remember it will require work though; although not at much as platinum blonde.

The Dark to Light Style

The dark roots to the light tips became a major fashion statement a few years back but then it became overused. However, the number of celebrities opting for it has died down now, which means you can feel safe opting for it. This has a carefree style, since it is so easy to maintain.


Brunette Girls Are Smarter

Society views brunettes as smarter than blondes. The colour also makes you seem more level-headed and an excellent judge of character. You may think it makes you look boring, but there are so many different shades and highlights. There are many options that you can play with to find something that works with your complexion and style.

Deep Browns and Blacks for Mystery

It’s really hard to pull off the darker colours as you get closer to black. They can make skin complexions look much paler and drawn. However, if you can pull it off, the deep shades definitely give you a sense of mystery. You can also look more creative.

Get a Fiery Look with Red

Auburn and red hair gives the impression that you are outgoing and fun. The shades also give that fiery look, like you have passion in everything that you do. For some reason, red hair gets a bad reputation and many people choose to dye their hair a different colour, but it can look great. The trick is to finding the right shade for your personality.

Bright Shades for Confidence

If you have a loud personality, show it off with your bright colours. Bold pinks, purples and other shades are a great way to give the impression that you have confidence and aren’t afraid to show it.

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