Dyed Your Hair? Now Care for It

Dyed Your Hair? Now Care for It

Dying hair is a popular pastime for many women. You may decide to get some highlights to brighten up your do for a special occasion or that you want different coloured hair to the shade you were born with. You could even show your personality by include brighter colours and wacky designs. Once you dye your hair though, it needs caring for.

shopping-shampooChoose Shampoo and Conditioner for Dyed Hair

Some of the products specifically for coloured hair are perfect.

You may find that some are for certain shades, such as blondes or reds, so you’ll need to check the labels before you buy.

These are formulated to keep the dye looking bright and avoid it fading like it will do over time.

If you have bright colours, such as reds and pinks, put into your hair, you will need to remember they are more likely to fade!

river-applying-hair-conditionerCondition Regularly

Your hair will dry out after being dyed. The chemicals in the products just don’t work well for the natural oils in the head.

Instead of simply putting up with it, condition your hair on a regular basis.

Even if you don’t wash your hair with shampoo one day, dampen it and use a conditioner. It will make your hair feel and look great.

hair-conditionerUse a Leave-in Conditioner

Dry and leave-in conditioners are perfect for those with coloured hair. They really get into the roots of your hair.

If you just use a normal wash-in, wash-out conditioner, you may not leave it in long enough to get it to work. Plus, you don’t have to actually wash your hair to use the leave-in conditioner!

hair-brunette-iron-heatAvoid Using Heat as Much as Possible

Heat will further damage your hair so avoid it as much as possible. This includes the straightening irons and hair dryers!

If you really must use some heat, use a protection spray on your hair to lower the risk of damage.

Talk to your hair stylist about your options if you are in doubt and check the ingredients to avoid chemicals that dry out the hair!

hair-dyeDon’t Dye Your Hair Too Much

After six weeks or so, your roots will grow through and start to show. Avoid re-colouring your hair as much as possible; only touch up the roots if you really need to.

The more you dye your hair, the worse you will make it.

henna-hair-dyeUse Semi-Permanent or Natural Dyes

If you love to have different colours and want to really show off your personality, focus on using different types of hair dyes. Semi-permanent and henna options are much better than the permanent types.

Semi-permanents fade with each wash and last about eight weeks while henna ones can be permanent but are made from natural ingredients.

dyed-blonde-hairTry Out Colours with Clip Ins

It’s tempting to try different colours in your hair by visiting the hair dresser but hold your horses! Try out the colours with clip in extensions or wigs.

These are natural and much better for your hair. If you decide you like them, then you can add the colours permanently.

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