How to Choose the Perfect Blonde Hair Colour

How to Choose the Perfect Blonde Hair Colour

Going blonde is a big decision for many. It may be your natural hair colour or you may want something different to your dark locks. However, it’s one of the hardest changes to do. When done wrong, your hair can look orange, ginger and simply bad! When done right, it will glisten and shine and part of that is choosing the perfect blonde hair colour.

smiling-blonde-hairThink About the Colour of Your Hair

Before you even start, think about the natural colour of your hair. If you have naturally dark hair, you will find it much harder to go back to a blonde colour.

If you opted to dye your hair dark, you will also find this harder to change back to a natural lighter colour. The red in your hair will make it hard to opt for a paler colour, so you need to opt for something darker at first.

wild-hair-green-redAdding the Green Back In

It sounds strange but if your hair has red hues, it will have stripped the green out.

You need to add that back in, otherwise you’ll get an orange look to your blonde. This is easier by talking to a professional but you could also use a pre-lightener to try and help.

woman-blondeConsider Your Skin Tone

Going too light can be bad for your skin tone. It will make you look pale and washed out.

You need something with colour, especially if you have a pale face with rosy cheeks. However, avoid too much red! Your hair cut can also play a major factor for this.

blonde-woman-hairdresserSpeak to a Professional

One of the best things that you can do is talk to a professional. A hairstylist will be able to tell you about the best shades that work for your complexion and which ones are possible for your current hair colour.

She will know all about adding greens and stripping reds to get the perfect blonde shade. It will save you a lot of hassle and extra money!

blonde-womanConsider High and Low Lights Instead

You don’t need to dye all your hair to go blonde! You could opt for a few highlights in your hair and even some lowlights to make the blonde ones stand out more.

There are ways of doing this at home but you best option is usually to talk to a professional and pay the extra for it to be done well. Highlights are great since they can give you multicoloured tones, which look more natural.

blonde-hair-photo-cameraWhat About Your Eye Colour

This isn’t as important as skin tone but you should still consider it. You want a colour that will match your eye colour.

If you have green, grey or blue eyes, you’re in luck as most colours will suit you. However, brown or dark eyes will find going blonde a little harder.

blonde-hair-dyeRemember About the Upkeep!

Going blonde requires a lot of upkeep. You will need to get the right shampoo and condition to make sure you hair doesn’t dry out.

Regular visits to the hair salon may be necessary, especially if your natural hair colour is much darker.

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