Make Your Hair Look Ageless

Make Your Hair Look Ageless

Your hair is often a tell-tale sign that you’re getting old. It dries out and starts to look thinner. The trick is to caring for it and getting the right type of haircut. Here are some tips to make your hair look ageless.

Get a New Brush

As your brush gets older, the bristles will start to break or fall out. This may not seem like a big deal, except that it really causes problems for your hair. Your hair will start to tangle around the broken pieces or won’t quite separate as it should because a few bristles are missing. It starts to rip and break, which leaves you with split ends. Your hair thins quickly and looks dated, making you look older.

Protect Your Hair with the Right Shampoo

Invest in the right products for your hair, especially when it comes to shampooing. If you’ve coloured your hair, make sure you opt for protective shampoo. It prevents the colour fading too much over time, while protecting it from damage. If you have naturally dry or damaged hair, get some shampoo to help moisturise and protect it.

Should You Use Leave-In Conditioner?

If you have very dry hair, you may want to consider leave-in conditioners, especially for overnight. They will work into the roots of your hair and make it look shinier and healthier, therefore younger. However, not everyone will get on with these types of conditioners. If you have oily hair, you could find that too much oil ends up in your hair and it looks worse.


Visit the Hairdresser Regularly

Don’t leave it too long until your next hair cut. Visit your hairdresser every three months or so. This will help to get rid of those split ends and add the shape back into your cut. You can also talk about any issues that you have with your hair to stop it from looking lifeless between visits. If you have a perm or go for colouring, you will need to visit more often.

Protect Your Hair from the Heat

Try to avoid heat where possible. This includes hair dryers! If you really do need to use something, invest in heat protective spray. This will help to nourish the hair while it suffers the blast, which usually dries it out. It’s really important that you do this as you get older because it takes longer for oils to be released, making your hair more susceptible to damage.

Massage In Some Oils

Add oils to your hair to nourish and protect it. It’s best to do this overnight, when the elements and everyday life aren’t going to affect it. You could even use a cap of some sort to lock the moisture in. It helps to keep the whole hair looking shinier thanks to the extra oil.

Wear a Scarf

When it’s really windy or bad weather, don’t be afraid to use a head scarf. It may make you feel old, but it will do your hair some good. The elements can really damage the hair, especially when you get older.

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