Picking the Perfect Brown Hair Colour for Your Hair

Picking the Perfect Brown Hair Colour for Your Hair

Not everybody wants to opt for blonde. There are plenty of people who prefer to have a darker hair colour, whether it is black, dark brown or a dirty blonde colour. The question many have is how to pick the perfect darker colour for their hair. Here are some tips to help.

brown-hairWork with Your Skin Complexion

If you have paler skin, avoid going too dark. The darker shades will make your skin look drawn and paler; and that’s not a good look!

You will need to avoid colours that are red and try to find the ash brown colours. If you have darker skin, opting for the darker colours is great.

blond-brown-hairWhat’s Your Natural Hair Colour?

If you want to limit the amount of maintenance on your hair, choose a colour that is closer to your natural colour. Just one or two shades darker will be enough to make a difference and avoid your roots looking too bad as they grow though.

This will also help to avoid mistakes by trying to add red into hair that has more green.

brown-hair2Check the Shade Based on Your Hair Colour

When you dye your hair at home, you will need to pick your colour based on what you see on the box.

You will usually have a chart that shows what the colour will look like based on the current colour of your hair (not the natural colour if you’ve dyed it before!). This will tell you whether you’ll get the colour of the model on the box or not.

woman-hairdresserAsk for Advice

Whether you talk to your friends or you visit a hair stylist, as for advice. This is really important as a colour may not look as good as you think it will.

A professional is a great person to ask, as she will be able to give you tips and advice about whether a colour is worth the hassle and how it will show up based on your current shade.

brunette-purple-coatThink About the Colour of Your Clothes

No, your hair colour won’t always match your hair colour but your clothes will tell you more about the right brown colour. If reds, oranges and yellows suit your skin complexion more, you will find that warmer hair colours will suit you well.

If greens and blues are better for your complexion, stay away from the warmer colours!

Beautiful-brunetteIs Brown Really Right for You?

Brown colours aren’t worthwhile for everyone; there are simple some who look better with blonde hair. If you have damaged hair, brown is great.

It reflects the lights and makes your hair look healthier than blonde will. If you want something low maintenance, again, opt for the brown—any brown is better than blonde!

black-hairShould You Opt for Black?

If you’re thinking a dark brown, is it worth opting for black instead? Black suits a small number of people—and always those with darker skin.

If you have light or pale skin, avoid this colour completely, unless you want a Gothic look.

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