Top Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Natural Hair Colour Back

Top Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Natural Hair Colour Back

If you’ve dyed your hair in the past, you may wonder whether it’s even worth trying to get back to your natural colour. There are many reasons to opt for your original colour. Here are just some reasons to go to that hairdresser and pick a colour of the same colour and hue.

woman-moneyIt’s Cheaper to Have a Natural Colour

Aren’t you fed up of constantly buying more hair dye because your roots are coming through? Having a different colour is expensive and will really eat into your budget if you allow it.

The best way to cut those costs is to opt for your natural hair colour. It will cost you a little for a trip to the hairdressers but then you can allow your roots to come through.

woman-hairTo be Yourself

Colouring your hair can take away some of your natural identity. You become someone else with a different hair colour. Instead of allowing this, go back to being natural.

This will help you come across as natural and organic.

woman-blonde-middle-agedStop Worrying About Your Roots

Your roots eventually come through. It doesn’t just add to the cost but also the stress of the upkeep.

Is it really worth the worry just because your roots are a different colour. Relax and stop feeling the need to re-dye everything after a few days.

brown-hairMake It Easier to Grow Your Hair

Wouldn’t you love to have long and beautiful hair? Growing your hair can be annoying when you dye your hair.

You have to make sure your roots and tips are the same colour—and it doesn’t always happen as the colour does start to fade over time. Opt for your natural colour and growing your hair is much easier and worthwhile.

dying-hairStop Damaging Your Hair

Constantly dying your hair dries your hair out and damages it. After a few years, the natural oil production will drop considerably and you need to get special shampoo and conditioner to care for it.

Bleaching does the most damage but any hair dye is bad in the long term. There are also studies into the long term damage that hair dye does to the body.

woman-hair2Match Your Natural Skin Tone

Your natural hair colour is that for a reason. It matches your skin tone, your eye colour and everything else natural about you.

Stand out as yourself and let your hair match who you are organically. Changing your hair colour can cause your face to look drawn, fat or too pale.

woman-black-hair-red-lipsTo Have Fun Styling Your Hair

Changing your hair colour can make some hair styles impossible. Your hair may be too dry or tangle too much to be able to do something. When you have your natural colour, styling your hair is easier and really fun to do.

Try different haircuts, hair-dos and even try out hats and clips. You’ll soon find that you can have fun and experiment with your hair without having to spend money dying it.

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