Halloween Costume Ideas: Have Fun Whether Scary, Sexy or Creepy

Halloween Costume Ideas: Have Fun Whether Scary, Sexy or Creepy

Wouldn’t you love to wow everyone this Halloween? You may have lost weight and want to show off your new body or you may just want to surpass your older ideas. It can be hard coming up with new ideas every year. Here are some great options that aren’t your traditional Halloween costumes.

cinderella-halloween-costumeThe Disney Princess with a Twist

Disney princesses are extremely popular at the moment. You could opt for one this Halloween and add a twist to it. Maybe it’s Snow White’s not so happy ever after or a warrior Cinderella after dealing with her step-sisters.

You’ll be surprised at the ideas around when it comes to alternative Disney stories.

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halloween-costume-party-white-hair-ghostThe Woman in White

Have you ever wanted to go as a ghost? They can be seen as quite boring and normal but what about with a twist? The Woman in White is an old fable and surrounding in creepy settings.

You could even go for the ghostly bride. Find a white dress and use some white makeup on the skin that shows. If you keep a dead eye look the whole night too, it will really creep people out.

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victorian-halloween-costumeThe Time Period Woman

Halloween is a great excuse to invest in time period clothing. Maybe you love the Victorian dresses or you want something from the Renaissance period. There’s no need to do anything scary.

You could simply be a character from history or just a woman from that time period with your own story to tell. Give your character a back story and make her come to life.

killer-halloween-costumeThe Psycho Killer

You may have seen the news about the mental patient costume from Asda being banned. There wasn’t much tact behind the naming of the costume but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an idea.

The psycho killer or mental patient can be great when done right. There really isn’t much of a costume needed—remember, they are just like normal people. It can be creepy if you have just a few hints.

scientist-womanAdd an Educational Twist

When I think Halloween, I can’t help but think of the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon is dressed as the Doppler Effect.

You could add an educational twist to your costume. Simply go as Albert Einstein or another person from history. You could add a bit more detail and go as a specific thing from education—like the Doppler Effect!

halloween-costume-childThe Family Costumes

If you’re going somewhere as a family, you could opt for a family costume. This only works if everyone wants to participate though.

If there are enough people, consider the Adam’s Family or the Munsters. You could even opt for something a little less scary, like the Simpsons or Family Guy family!

sexy-woman-halloween-pumpkinThe Seductress

Why opt for scary when you could be sexy?

There are some great sexy ideas, including women from history—some of those are notorious for their evil ways—or just a simple vampire costume that you’ve created yourself! Have fun with it and go to impress.

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