6 Tips for Running Beginners

6 Tips for Running Beginners

You’re heard how good running is and now you want to do it. The problem is that you could injure yourself by not starting out correctly. You need to take it slow and follow the advice from the professionals to make the most of this great form of exercise. Here are six tips for running beginners to get the most of their decision.

running-woman2Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Don’t expect to do a seven minute mile right now. It’s all about going slow and steady to build up your skills, strength and stamina.

You will not do a marathon on your first day. Stick to a comfortable mile to three mile run and then build it up from there. Before you know it, those 26 miles will seem like a breeze.

running-shoes-exercise4Invest in Good Socks

Blisters are a problem for any runner, but the professionals have found that good socks are the best thing for you.

Look for those that are specifically designed for runners. They are usually thin, with material that keeps your feet as dry as possible while your feet sweat. You also want to think about investing in a good pair of shoes.

two-women-runningRun at the Right Time

No professional runner will go out when the sun is at its hottest. That means you need to avoid the time between 11am and 2pm in most climates, even if this is your best time for training.

The best time to run is actually first thing on a morning. It will mean getting up a little earlier, but you will feel the benefit for the rest of the day.

trx-exercise-gymBuild Your Muscles as Well as Stamina

Running is more than just your heart and lungs. You need to build the muscles in your body, especially those in your legs.

This means you can’t just run to train. You will need to think about some weight training exercises. That does not mean you need to start visiting a gym. Opt for bodyweight exercises that you can do in the home. Squats and lunges are extremely beneficial for this, and will really help to keep your thighs and bum toned.

meditation-New-York-parkThink About Your Breathing

Many running beginners really struggle to keep their pace because of their breathing. While it sounds like something that should be natural, too many people breathe too quickly.

Find a pattern that works for you. Some runners prefer to breathe in for three steps and then out for three. Others will find that four or two works for them. It is all about trial and error.

women-running-exerciseHave a Friend

Find a friend to go running with you. Doing it alone can be really boring, and it leads to many people just giving up.

If you don’t have a friend, find a way to keep yourself entertained on your way around. You could listen to music or audio books. Some people swear by listening to business podcasts when they’re exercising because it gives them the chance to really listen to every word.

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