7 Healthiest Fast Foods For A Woman On the Go

7 Healthiest Fast Foods For A Woman On the Go

Women have to work in this day and age, but being a woman on the go means that they do not always have time for a healthy meal and have to rely on fast food. Fast food restaurants have gotten healthier, and now there are better things to eat instead of hamburgers and French fries. Here are 7 healthy fast food alternatives for a working woman.

subway-vegaVegetable Subway Sub:

A famous sub sandwich place offers both six inch and 12 inch subs with a variety of toppings.

However, a six inch sub with no cheese, no mayo, and light oil and vinegar can give a woman a nice healthy lunch that’s very nutritious.

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mc-wrapMcDonald’s Grilled Chicken Wrap:

The grilled chicken wrap is labeled as a snack, but it’s actually quite enough to be a lunch that is tasty, but also healthy.

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chickensaladQuizno’s Chicken Salad:

The salad from Quizno’s is best to eat with no dressing.

The chicken in it is grilled, which means it has a lot less fat than fried chicken and also grilled chicken has a lot of protein.

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bakedpotatoWendy’s Baked Potato and Salad:

A baked potato is usually loaded with butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, and bacon bits. However, adding a lot of stuff to a potato is going to turn a healthy lunch into a fatty lunch with a lot of calories.

The best way to eat a baked potato is with a little bit of butter, a dash of salt, and a few sprinkles of pepper. Wendy’s sells a small green salad, and it should be eaten without any salad dressing.

Another option for a healthy lunch from Wendy’s is their small chili, which is available on their dollar menu.

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kfc-chickenKentucky Fried Chicken Grilled Chicken:

Kentucky Fried Chicken, mostly known now as KFC, is mostly known for their friend chicken, however, with the world being more health conscientious now, they have begun offering grilled chicken.

With the right seasoning, grilled chicken can be very tasty, and it has a lot of protein, which is going to be very helpful to a woman that is watching her weight.

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chicken-sandwichChick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich:

Usually, chicken salad is fatty because it has both egg and mayonnaise in it. However, the Chick-Fil-A version is actually nutritious and loaded with protein.

What makes the chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A different is the fact it contains very little mayonnaise, which greatly reduces the fat content in it.

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whopperBurger King Whopper:

The reason why hamburgers are so bad for the human body is the fact that the burgers are fried. However, Burger King is famous for their flame-broiled burgers, and grilled burgers are the best way to eat them because the fat from them is cooked out of the meat.

When ordering a Whopper from Burger King, the best way to eat it is without any cheese because it will only replace the fat that the grilling takes out. Also, the Whopper has to be eaten without any mayonnaise either, which is another source of fat.

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