7 Reasons Crash Diets Are Bad for You

7 Reasons Crash Diets Are Bad for You

Do you want to lose weight quickly? It’s the summer and many magazines are showing the quick ways to lose weight. The problem is that crash diets aren’t the best thing for you. In fact, some are extremely dangerous. Here are seven reasons you need to avoid them and opt for the healthy eating plans.

crash-diet-starvationReduce Your Calories Too Much

The majority of crash diets reduce your calories by so much that you can barely live; let alone carry on a normal day or do any exercise.

Yes, it means your body needs to use the calories from your fat to get enough but that doesn’t mean there will be enough for the duration of your diet.

arm-fat-muscleYou Will Store More Fat!

Your body has a natural way to try and save you.

That is but putting you into starvation mode. It doesn’t know when you will feed it next so slows the metabolism down to keep hold of as many calories as possible.

You will actually gain more weight, especially when you go back to eating normally after your diet.

weight-gainIt Leads to Yo-Yo Dieting

Do you seem to go on a diet and then put on weight straight after stopping? Remember that your body ends up storing more fat?

This leads to yo-yo dieting and is extremely bad for your body.

Your metabolism can’t work properly and it can lead to a variety of medical issues, including mental illness and heart attacks.

stress-worry-headacheYou Put Your Body Under Stress

Your body will be put under so much stress through crash dieting that it leads to other health problems.

Is it really worth damaging your whole body just for the sake of losing 10 pounds in a week?

tired-woman-work-notebookYou Will Feel Extremely Tired

Remember that your body isn’t getting enough calories. This leads to you feeling tired and exhausted during the diet.

This not only affects your ability to exercise, but to eat properly, socialise and your mental health.

It is better to lose weight slowly and make sure you have enough energy than to damage so much for a quick weight loss.

muscle-woman-dumbbellsYou Burn Muscle Not Fat

Think you’re burning fat by reducing your calories so much? While you will burn a little, more of the calories come from your muscles.

This happens in normal weight loss, which is why exercise is so important, but it is more evident in crash dieting.

Do you really want to look like the skeletons that you see on TV? Men don’t like that look – they like women with curves.

hands-on-stomach-painYou Won’t Get Enough Nutrients

Finally, you will not get all the nutrients that your body needs. Many crash diets will cut out major food groups while others make you stick to the same eating plan day in, day out.

This is not healthy for your body and stops it from getting every vitamin and mineral needed to survive.

You will find your immune system is compromised and your mood will be out of control.

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