7 Reasons You Should Exercise in the Morning

7 Reasons You Should Exercise in the Morning

Most women generally and especially working mothers and wives have never ending tasks to complete every day. Between work, housework, cooking and driving the children around, there is hardly anytime left for you to take care of yourself or to work out for that matter, especially as you come home tired for some tasks that take up your afternoons and evenings. Perhaps the solution for you is to work out in the morning. Here is why:

cardio-exercise-gymBoost your energy

Working out in the morning will give you a surge of physical energy that will last for most of your day when you need it the most.

You will feel less lazy and be more likely to complete your tasks and power through your day without being tired and sleepy.

running-fitness-exerciseBrain power

Working out has been proven to increase your mental acuity which will last on average five hours.

This will give you the ability to be more attentive and focused which will help you perform better, with most tasks generally and especially if your work requires a lot of writing or cracking numbers.

flat-stomachIncrease your metabolism

Working out in the morning when your body is just waking up gives your metabolism a kick which helps keeping it elevated for hours throughout the day.

This means that you will be able to burn calories at a better rate throughout the day, simply by doing the same workout at a different time of the day.

stuffing-eating-craving-sweet-cakeReduce cravings

As your metabolism increases and is better regulated you are less likely to have food cravings that are usually for sugary, fatty or salty products all of which will cause you to gain weight and increase the likelihood of getting cardiovascular diseases.

tired-fitness-exerciseImprove your health

When you work out in the morning as your body is waking up, you increase the levels of those hormones, which is addition to helping you stay alert all day, regulate your heart beats and blood circulation.

This will have a significant benefit on your cardiovascular system and reduce the chances of having this kind of diseases in the future.

sleeping-womanBetter sleeping habits

Once, exercise becomes a regular habit for you, your body will be regulated into sleeping and waking up at the same time every day.

Furthermore, as you regulate your metabolism and energy hormones, you start getting the right amount and type of sleep which reduces your chances of getting insomnia and has great impacts on your health.

You might even find that you will need less sleep after all.

weightlifting-exercise-bells-ballYou are up early anyways

Since you are getting up early anyways, why not waking up a little bit earlier and taking less time getting ready and use 30 minutes of your morning to work?

You would be surprised how well this works once you get used to it. You can save some time for the daily morning activities by waiting to have your breakfast in the office or picking up your outfit the night before.

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