7 Tips for Eating Healthily During Pregnancy

7 Tips for Eating Healthily During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your baby will get all nutrition from you. You need to make sure you eat all the right things to make sure it develops correctly and is happy and healthy at birth. A healthy diet will also make sure your body is prepared for each stage of pregnancy and labour and can support your unborn child. Here are seven tips to make healthy eating easy.

drinking-water-pregnantDrink Plenty of Water

You need to remain hydrated. It is likely that you will need more water during pregnancy than normal, so make sure you have a two-litre bottle beside you at all times – if you are on the move, have a smaller water bottle in your bag so you can constantly remain hydrated.

Water isn’t just good for you and your baby; it will help you eat healthily. It stops you snacking as much since it fills you up!

healthy-breakfast-fibreOpt for High Fibre Foods

Your digestive system will need all the help it can get when it is squished thanks to the little person inside. High fibre foods will help to keep it healthy and helps you get many of the nutrients that you need.

Fibre foods are also good to help stop you snacking. They take longer to digest so you eat less throughout the day.

pregnant-apple-fruitFruit and Vegetables Are Good for You

When you do want to snack, don’t reach for the chocolate and crisps. Fruit and vegetables are much better for you. They are full of many of the nutrients that you need, including vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, calcium and magnesium.

You will be advised to stay away from most multivitamin tablets because of the dangers to your baby so get your nutrients the natural way.

pregnant-yogurt-fruitsDrink Plenty of Milk and Eat Yogurts

You need to keep your calcium intake up during pregnancy so help yourself out by drinking milk, eating yogurts and cheese and vegetables like kale.

These are better than taking the calcium supplements but make sure you have the pasteurised versions of them to avoid harm to your baby.

pregnant-eating-chicken-vegetabesGet Plenty of Protein

Another way to keep the snacking to a minimum is to eat plenty of protein. This comes from lean meats, eggs (make sure they’re fully cooked!) and lentils and beans.

Protein takes longer to digest so you feel fuller for longer and helps to build strong muscles. Watch out for some sources of protein though, such as liver, which are on the “not to eat” list.

iron-food-cooking-meat-spinachKeep Your Iron Levels Up

Broccoli, spinach and kale are excellent sources of iron and need to be eaten on a daily basis.

The baby will take a lot from you – one of those minerals being iron. Make sure you get three servings of iron-filled foods per day.

fast-food-hamburger-fries-cokeStay Away from the Fast Food and Junk

Instead of opting for junk food and quick options, create meals in bulk and put them in the freezer. You can then pull something healthy out quickly and enjoy a nutritious meal.

Fast food and junk will just lead to weight gain and will not offer your baby any extra nutrients.

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