7 Yummy Root Vegetables And How to Use Them

7 Yummy Root Vegetables And How to Use Them

As October rolls around the last batches of locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables roll around with it and you will notice root vegetables start to replace them. While some root vegetables are available all year around, some are more seasonal and because they are uncommon, they are not fully taken advantage from. Here are some tips on how to make the best out of the most common root vegetables while they are in season.

spaghetti-squashSpaghetti Squash

It is sweet, tasty and the most difficult part about it is cutting it in half. After that, all you need to do is lay it on a baking sheet and bake on medium heat for 15 minutes and scrape the insides with a fork.

It will look like spaghetti and tastes even better. Serve with tomato sauce or as a rice or potato replacement in many meals.


This delicious and sweet root vegetable can make a great addition to your dinner table. With high fibre content and vitamins, you will find that it goes with many traditional meals.

Grilled, boiled or roasted you can add beets to salads, or as a side dish with beef and turkey. You can also make it into chips and have it as a snack.


This highly underestimated root vegetable could really use some attention in your kitchen. They can be eaten raw as a snack, combined to other types of salad such as coleslaw and potato salad.

Perfect for stir fries, rutabaga can be fried, roasted, grilled or boiled and added to all types of meals and used a side dish.


This is a super root vegetable. It is very tasty and it gives your food an outstanding favours. You can add it to stews or pasta dishes, roast it or eat it raw. It can also be added to salads.

What’s even better is that you do not have to waste any parts of it. Use the leaves to garnish your dish and the seeds to make a fennel tea or use it as a spice.


With their very distinct and nutty flavour, parsnips taste great baked, boiled or grilled. They complement other root vegetables and can be mixed together in casseroles, soups, stews or even salads.

You can even roast them with other vegetables and serve as a side dish with omelettes, or roast beef or turkey.

potatoesYams and Potatoes

While not foreign to most households, potatoes and yams make a great addition to many meals. They make the perfect side dish in barbecues, with stews, or roast beef and they are even perfect to eat on their own.

Mashed, boiled or cut into fries, potatoes and yams can be eaten at brunch and dinner.

butternut-SquashButternut Squash

It is perfect for soups, casseroles and to roast and eat by itself. Just roast it, grill it or bread it and fry it, you won’t regret it!

You can even bake the seeds with some salt and enjoy these just like pumpkin seeds.

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