9 Essential Ingredients to Keep in Your Pantry

9 Essential Ingredients to Keep in Your Pantry

When you are trying to juggle working, household chores, looking after your children and cooking healthy meals for the household, things could get out of control. Below is a list of ingredients that every woman should have in her pantry (or freezer) that will help you prepare healthy meals on the go, so that you and your family are getting the best nutrition you could have.

canned-tomatoesCanned tomatoes:

Canned tomatoes can be added to stews, soups and even simply turned into tomato sauce.

They are great to use for a quick fix meal. Make sure you always choose the brand with no additives.

tortellini-tomatoes-pasta-foodPasta (tortellini, ravioli):

They take 10 minutes to cook and you can make a complete meal from it.

Whether to make a pasta salad, or toss with a premade pasta sauce, having those ingredients in your kitchen at all times can prove to save a lot of time and stress over what to make for dinner.

broth-soupBouillon and stock:

Perfect for stews and soups, they can make anything taste better, so you do not have to worry about seasoning and flavouring your food.


both dried and canned beans are very important. Canned beans can be made into salads, added to stews and served over rice.

You can soak dried beans during the day and cook them over night in a slow cooker, they freeze well and will come in handy.

sweet-potatoesPotatoes and yams:

These healthy and tasty root vegetables store well and make a great addition to many meals.

You can make them into salads, or serve mashed with chili or a stew or simply boil along with eggs for a quick dinner.

tuna-egg-salad-sandwich-dietCanned Tuna and Salmon:

these are very healthy and highly nutritious. You just need to simply open a can, use to make a salad or serve with pasta or rice.

This way, you will have a delicious and nutritious meal quickly.

Chicken-saladSeasoned Chicken or Frozen Burgers:

Or anything that can go on a barbecue. By having those ingredients prepared, all you need to do is to defrost it and throw it on a barbecue with some vegetables on the side.

Prepare a quick lettuce and tomato salad on the side and there you have your dinner.


While it could take up to 30 minutes to cook, if you were making a large batch but it does not require anything else. It is very easy to make and it is filling and healthy.

What’s even better cooked rice could be stored in the fridge for a few days and thanks to its bland taste it can be added to all kind of foods, so it can be readily available the next day.

frozen-vegetablesFrozen Vegetables:

While not the greatest to retain nutrition necessarily, frozen vegetables can come in handy to add to stews or a stir fry for example and all you need to do is mix them with tofu, chicken or beef and serve with rice of noodles on the side.

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