A Guilt-Free Snack: 7 Healthy Alternatives to Ice Cream

A Guilt-Free Snack: 7 Healthy Alternatives to Ice Cream

Whether the weather is warm outside or cold as ice, sometimes women just want a cool tasty treat. However, the problem with regular ice cream is the fact that it has a lot of fat and calories, and one moment of sweet indulgence can mean adding cellulite to those hips and thighs. When a woman wants to eat ice cream, there are seven alternatives that she can eat instead that are healthy, but can satisfy that frozen treat craving.

yogurt-popsicleFrozen fruit popsicles:

Frozen fruit popsicles are becoming more available now, and they are a great substitute for ice cream.

The pops can be made from things like watermelon, banana, and strawberry, are made from 100 percent fruit juice, and they are naturally sweet and delicious.


Women who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can enjoy sorbet because it is not made from milk.

Without dairy in it, there is very little fat and calories in sorbet, but women need to watch for the sugar content, which can be higher than regular ice cream.


Sherbet can be made without fat, with low sugar, and even all natural.

The sherbet is frozen, and its sweet creamy taste can take away that ice cream craving without adding fat or calories to the dessert.

fruit-smoothieFrozen fruit smoothies:

A blender can be loaded with fresh fruit, and nonfat milk, then it can be blended together and put into ice trays to make a nice bite sized frozen treat.

The fruit will sweeten the mixture naturally, or a nice natural sugar can be added like a few drops of honey. During the summer months, popsicle molds are available, and the smoothies can be poured into them and then frozen.

woman-eating-yogurt-strawberryFrozen Greek yogurt:

Greek yogurt is really good for women, and they come in a convenient container that makes freezing them and turning them into a frozen treat a lot easier.

All a woman has to do is open the container, stick in a popsicle stick, and put it in the freezer. In a few hours when the yogurt is frozen, the container can be turned upside down, and then the popsicle will simply pop out.

icecreamSoy ice cream:

Ice cream made from soy beans may sound distasteful, but the truth is that some women prefer it to regular ice cream.

Soy ice cream is also a great substitute for women who have problems with lactose, for it is easier on the stomach than ice cream, but still tastes great.

icecream2Coconut milk ice cream:

Coconut milk can make a good substitute for regular milk, but is a much healthier alternative. Using coconut milk with sugar, fruit, and rock salt, can be a delicious and healthy substitute for regular ice cream.

Once all of the ingredients and the coconut milk are combined, the mixture can be then frozen in the freezer for hours. The coconut milk ice cream can be kept in an air tight freeze container for up to one week before it starts to spoil.

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