Are Your Exercises Safe and Beneficial for You to Do?

Are Your Exercises Safe and Beneficial for You to Do?

Do you exercise on a regular basis? How do you know that the exercises that you are doing are actually safe? Many people simply read them from a magazine and don’t think before trying them. Here are some tips to protect yourself from injury and harm.

consulting-doctorTalk to Your Doctor Before Any Exercise Program

Unless you are genuinely healthy, it is best to talk to your doctor before you start any exercise program.

In fact, even if you are healthy, talking to your doctor is worthwhile.

He will be able to advise how often you should do it, which areas you need to work on and whether there is anything that you should avoid because of your medical history.

He will also be able to advise a diet to help get the most from your exercise.

Athletic-Woman-Exercise-runFocus on Good Posture

Too many exercises don’t help your posture. It’s already compromised at work or at home by sitting or standing hunched over.

Exercises like sit ups and crunches just lead to your posture before affected even more in a negative way!

Find exercises that are designed to improve your posture, like pilates and yoga.

exercise-stretchingUse a Stability Ball

Most crunch exercises from the floor only help you with 50% of your spine movement. It doesn’t focus on the backwards movements.

The best thing you can do is incorporate a stability ball into it.

This will also help you with other exercises by training your core and improving your balance. In fact, just sitting on a stability ball improves your posture and balance.

Woman-exercise-gymWork in the Way Your Body Is Designed To

There are some exercises, like lat pull downs and some pull ups that force your body to move in ways that it wasn’t originally designed to.

You may feel like your arms are getting bigger but you could be doing further damage.

Think about the exercise and the way your body is supposed to move to get the most benefit.

knee-pain-injuryAvoid Overusing of the Same Joints

Overusing the joints lead to injuries over time so avoid this as much as possible.

This is very common with static machines where your movement is limited, except for how the exercise is supposed to work.

Change your exercise routine regularly to avoid overuse injuries from occuring.

squat-exerciseDo Squats Naturally

Squats are a great way to tone the legs, bum and back. However, there are now machines to help ‘improve’ the exercise but they don’t really help at all. Avoid the machines and just do the squats naturally.

This allows you to lean forward to counter the hips going backwards, which improves the strength of the legs and your core.

stretching-armsWarm Up Before Any Exercise

Always do a warm up before you do any type of exercise. This will get your muscles ready and avoid them stretching without any flexibility.

When cold, the muscles won’t stretch far enough and will tear instead. Warming up also gets all the joints moving and ready for the workout.

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