Best Vegetarian Alternatives For Thanksgiving Turkey

Best Vegetarian Alternatives For Thanksgiving Turkey

During Thanksgiving time, people who have chosen to give up meat often feel awkward during this holiday time because of the fact that a turkey is the main dish. However, just because a woman is a vegetarian does not mean they cannot enjoy Thanksgiving. There are some great vegetarian alternatives for that roasted turkey that are just as good as the real thing.


Made from tofu, Tofurkey is popular with people who live the vegetarian lifestyle. The Tofurkey comes with the meat substitute plus a few side dishes including both stuffing and gravy. (Photo:

Celebration roast:

Some vegetarians do not prefer meat in any form, even if it is a substitute. The Field Grain Meat Company has a roast that can be eaten for the holidays. The Celebration Roast is a loaf made from wheat, that looks like French bread, but inside of it is nothing but vegetables like squash, apple, cranberries, and many more. The roast is both nutritious and delicious, and many vegetarians prefer it to any kind of fake meat.

Quorn Turkey:

Instead of a whole turkey, some people prefer to get a turkey loaf, but for vegetarians, the next best thing to turkey loaf is Quorn turkey. The loaf looks like it is made of turkey meat, but it is actually mycoprotein.

Gardein Veggie Turkey Roast:

For vegetarians who want to add a touch of gourmet to their Thanksgiving meal, Gardein stuffed veggie turkey toast is pretty close. The roast is made with soy, wheat, and other vegetables, and even people who are not vegetarian may not even know the difference between it and real turkey meat. The roast comes with its own gravy, and has a very turkey-like flavor that everyone will love.


Seitan Thanksgiving Turkey:

Seitan has created a vegetarian alternative to turkey that is made from wheat gluten. For vegetarians who want the taste and texture of real turkey meat, Seitan has created a wonderful delicious product that is pretty close to the real thing.

Vegetarian Plus whole turkey:

A vegetarian turkey that is actually turkey shaped and comes with dressing to put inside of it. Despite how funny this turkey substitute looks, it comes with stuffing and should be enough to feed a whole family of vegans with some meat-less meat to spare!

Trader Joe’s Turkey-Less stuffed roast:

This famous grocery chain has brought back its famous substitute for turkey. Made with soy, peas, and wheat, vegetarians can have a nice alternative to the famous roast bird on Thanksgiving.

People celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way whether they are living a vegetarian lifestyle or not. However, for those that go meat-less, there are many vegetarian substitutes that can be just as delicious as real turkey meat.

Whether it is a turkey made of tofu, or a roast that is nothing but vegetables, major food companies are coming out with more meat substitutes for Thanksgiving every year to accommodate those that are both vegetarian and vegan. Even if vegetarians prefer not to eat a meat substitute, there are plenty of delicious alternatives that will still make for a wonderful meal.

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