Boost Your Weight Loss Motivation to Reach Your Goals

Boost Your Weight Loss Motivation to Reach Your Goals

Having weight loss motivation is the only way you are going to reach your goals. Everyone struggles with it at some point in their life; even those who have reached their goals struggle! Here are some tips to help you boost your motivation so that you continually stay on track and don’t give into the cravings.

sexy-white-bikini-beachRemember Why You’re Doing This

You need to have weight loss goals. These will give you something to look at so you remember why you’re doing it.

Just that simple remembrance is enough to boost weight loss motivation in some people. Have your goals written down so you can physically look at them.

reviewing-Photos-computerKeep a Photo of What You Want to Be

Photographic evidence of what you want to be—or even what you don’t want to go back to—is a great motivation tip. Have a photo somewhere that you will see it regularly, such as on your fridge or your desk.

You can then look at it the next time you want that chocolate cake or bag of crisps! You will soon find that motivation isn’t a problem and you’re at that goal weight.

measuring-waist-weight-lossTake Your Measurements Regularly

You won’t always see the scale figures drop but that doesn’t mean you’re not changing.

You may have gained weight but has your figure changed? Take your measurements of your waist, hips and chest on a monthly basis and track the figures.

You will be able to see how far you have come. It’s also worth tracking your dress sizes to see your accomplishments.

starting-runTest Your Physically Fitness

You won’t just benefit in dress sizes when losing weight. Your physical fitness will change. Test it by going out for a run or going down to the gym. See how far you can go or how fast you are able to do something.

Time or track your accomplishments regularly so you can keep looking back and give yourself a boost when you need it.

Doughnuts-dessert-cravingsDon’t Fight All Cravings

Cravings happen for a reason and sometimes you have to listen to them. If you say no all the time, that craving can get worse and worse until you completely blow the diet.

Say yes but in moderation. If you don’t have the calories left but still want it, do some exercise to earn your craving.

healthy-dietEat a Healthy Diet

Stick to a healthy diet. It may seem strange but it is great for your weight loss motivation. You will feel much better about yourself and you’ll actually find the cravings don’t happen as often.

There are times that you’ll want the chocolate and the sugar and that is natural but a healthy diet will help to fight it since your brain won’t go into a slump.

writing-journal-bedKeep a Journal

Track your weight loss efforts in a journal. Write about your feelings while losing weight and how your life has improved.

When you have a bad day, you will be able to look back and get your weight loss motivation back.

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