Build Your Own Home Gym Perfect for Your Needs

Build Your Own Home Gym Perfect for Your Needs

Women want to tone up. If you go to a regular gym, you may not like standing in the free-weight section; the best place for toning. It is always full of men checking out their muscles and it is often off-putting. Why bother with a gym when you can do it all at home? Here are some tips for building your own home gym.

weightlifting-exercise-bells-ballBuy a Set of Free Weights

Buy some free weights. These are really important and can be used for a range of activities, including while doing squats and lunges.

Don’t bother getting very large ones, unless you are aiming to become a female bodybuilding. Smaller ones that you can actually pick up will help you build and tone your arms, stomach and legs.

elastic-bands-exerciseInvest in Some Elastic Bands

You may have seen the long elastic bands in your local gym, especially if you do yoga or Pilates classes. These are great for building muscle by using your own bodyweight.

They are affordable and you only need a couple to do a range of exercises. You will always build strength with the same ones, no matter how strong you become.

medicine-ballBuy a Medicine Ball

This is one of the best pieces of equipment for a home gym. You just need one or two in different sizes and can use them for many different bodyweight exercises.

Have it on your chest as your sit ups get easier or use it during your squats. These balls are much heavier and more effective than free weights.

exercise-fitness-ballYour Stability Ball Will Become Your Friend

As exercises start to get easier, you will want to add something to them. The last thing you want is for your body to get used to them and find no benefit.

A stability ball is much better than simply adding more weights or repetitions. It will work your core stability and is just great for sitting on to improve your posture.

home-gym-yogamat-pushupA Yoga Mat to Stop Slipping

You will find exercises are hard if you don’t have the right carpeting or matting down.

A yoga mat is generally an excellent investment, whether you do yoga or not. It will offer more grip when it comes to your standing exercises and is more comfortable than just sitting or laying on the floor.

woman-exercise-gym-jumping-ropeHave Fun with a Skipping Rope

You might have to do this outside, depending on the size of your home gym, but this is definitely worth adding.

It may seem childish but skipping is an excellent form of exercise—there is a reason boxers do it every day. It will keep your lungs and heart working while strengthening your calves and ankles.

running-natureDon’t Bother with Running Machines!

Many people often spend thousands on the latest treadmill, bike machine or other similar equipment. You don’t need them for your home gym.

The best thing you can do is get yourself outside and run on the path—or grass—or buy your own bike and get out that way. It’s cheaper and you do much more.

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