Comfort Foods That Won’t Cause Weight Gain

Comfort Foods That Won’t Cause Weight Gain

Sometimes life can be very difficult, and can make a woman want to eat in a less than healthy manner because she is upset or stressed out. Comfort foods can make a woman feel better instantly, but then cause her to regret eating them when the scale shows she has gained weight. There are some comfort foods a woman can eat that are healthy, but will still give her the comfort she needs.

mashed-potatoesMashed potatoes:

Potatoes have a lot of vitamin C in them, but when a potato is turned into mashed potatoes, then the fat and calories can go up. The best way to keep down both fat and calories is to use plain nonfat plain Greek or regular yogurt.

To add flavor to the mashed potatoes, a small pat of butter can be used or even a little dollop of cream cheese can do wonders for making them taste great.

fried-chicken-saladFried chicken:

Fried chicken can be loaded with fat and cholesterol, but there are ways to get that same great taste in a healthy way.

Instead of deep frying, the chicken can be baked in the oven using whole wheat bread crumbs mixed with sliced almonds that are mixed together in a blender.


For a healthy delicious meatloaf, a woman can use at least 95 percent lean ground beef or even lean turkey.

Some women like to use bread crumbs in their meatloaf, but oatmeal can make a nice healthy substitute.


Chili is usually made with ground beef, and people usually top it with a ton of shredded cheese and sour cream. However, all that cheese and sour cream can make the chili loaded with a lot of fat and calories.

The beans are full of protein, and there are different kinds that can be added to the chili to make it even healthier. Lean ground beef or even turkey meat can be used, and using low fat cheese and low fat sour cream can make it even better.

Macaroni-cheeseMacaroni and cheese:

To make this comfort food healthier, a woman can use low fat milk, butter, and low fat Cheddar cheese.

Believe it or not, using these healthier alternatives will not change the taste of the macaroni and cheese, and a woman will save between 500 and 600 calories.

If a woman wants to really make this comfort food even healthier, the macaroni noodles can be substituted with whole wheat noodles to add more fiber and whole grains to the dish.

Pot-roastPot roast:

Pot roast in a slow cooker can cook the meat slow in its own juices.

To make the pot roast healthy, the meat can be cooked with a lot of vegetables, and then when it is done, be sure the fat is drained before the meat is served so it does not add unnecessary fat to the meal.

strainer-pasta-tomatoesSpaghetti and meatballs:

With whole wheat spaghetti noodles, and using ground turkey for the meatballs, this comfort food can be made into a very healthy meal that can be eaten anytime.

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