Eating Right For Women Over The Age of 50

Eating Right For Women Over The Age of 50

As women get older, they might start to have problems eating certain foods. The carefree days of just eating a woman wanted are over because now spicy foods or greasy foods are going to cause problems like heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and many more problems. However, for a woman that is 50 and older, this is now the time to start thinking about eating good healthy food instead of junk food that causes them to feel sick. Here are some eating tips for a woman that is 50 and over.

Mature-woman-drinking-waterDrink Plenty of Water

The required eight glasses of water a day is even more important the older you get. A woman over 50 has to stay hydrated or it can cause a number of health problems.

Sometimes, a woman can feel like she is hungry, but the truth is she may be thirsty and the body is signaling that she needs something to drink.

meat-egg-diary-proteinEat Protein First

At mealtime, a woman should eat protein first because it is the most important part of any meal.

The way meals should be eaten is protein first, then healthy fats next, and the last thing that should be eaten is vegetables. The beat source of protein is organic lean meats, lean chicken, fish, and organic eggs.

c-vitamin-fruitsLimit Fruit

Fruit has vitamin C, but it also has a lot of sugar in each piece that can also cause digestive issues for women over 50.

whole-grain-breadLimit Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates turn into sugar in the body, and a woman over 50 has to be careful especially if there is a history of diabetes in the family.

There are a lot of foods now that are low in carbohydrates like bread, crackers, and baked chips.

Pistachio-roastedSwitch to Healthier Snacks

Everyone has a snack once in a while, and if a woman over 50 wants to munch on something than the best kinds of snacks are things like nuts, granola bars, and yogurt.

Healthier snacks are also a good idea especially if a woman is working in an office setting as sits behind a desk all day. The wrong kinds of snacks can mean weight gain, which no one wants.

diet-exercise-weight-lossStay Active

Finding time to exercise is going to be well worth it especially if a woman over 50 is still working and is sitting at a desk all day.

Even if the exercise involves a quick 30 minute walk after work, or first thing in the morning, being active is going to keep any woman feeling good.

 happy-mature-notebookFind Ways to Relax

Sometimes stress can get to anyone regardless of how old they are. However, finding ways to relax like a hot bath or a trip to the spa is going to do wonders for both a woman’s physical and mental health.

A woman over 50 has to take care of herself if she wants to live for another 50 years. By changing the way she eats, that 50 year old woman can feel as good as she did ten years ago.

Eating right is a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it when a woman over 50 both looks good and feels good.

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