Effective Strategies to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Effective Strategies to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

When you’re 10 pounds away from your goal, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an exciting time, until you realise just how long it can take to lose them. It seems the last 10 pounds take forever to get rid of, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The trick is knowing how to boost your weight loss and finally get to your goals. Here are some effective strategies to lose those last 10 pounds for good.

Don’t Get Disheartened

The worst thing you can do right now is get disheartened about your weight loss journey. Don’t be too upset that your body is struggling to lose the last little bit. This is the hardest part for everyone. It’s time to look back at how far you have come. Remember the weight you have lost and just what you’ve done to get to this point. You don’t want to end up back there, do you?

Focus on Interval Cardio Training

running-shoes-exercise2It is time to focus more on the interval training when it comes to your cardio workouts. These types of workouts raise the heart rate more and encourage the body to lose more calories.

They can also help the body burn more calories after your workout and recovery. Mix this type of training with strength training and you will find your body burns more on a daily basis.

Try to Do That Bit Extra

It’s time to increase your training, whatever type you decide to do. It could be just doing more steps throughout a day. The trick here is to wear a pedometer.

This will track all the steps you do, so you can see during the day whether you need to increase your activity levels of not. Remember, the more you do, the more calories your body is burning.

Cut Down Your Meat Consumption

It could be your meat consumption that is causing the last 10 pounds to stick. Meat still has some fat within it, even the lean meats. You don’t need to cut it out completely, but try to cut back as much as you can.

If you really want meat, opt for skinless poultry or fish instead of the red meats. Poultry and fish are much healthier for your body and have fewer calories.

Go Back to the Start

Weight-gain-jeansAre you guilty of going off track a little? As you get comfortable with a diet, you stop weighing and tracking. It’s time to go back to the start and do everything that you used to do.

You may find that your portions have crept up in size, and that is why you’re struggling to lose that last 10 pounds.

Indulge One Night

You may find that eating too much one week helps to kick start your body. This happens if you’ve hit a plateau as you get to the 10 pounds to go mark.

Indulge yourself one night or for a couple of nights. You may see a weight gain, but the next week you can get back on track and see the figure on the scales go down.

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