Exercise Tips to Help Lose Weight

Exercise Tips to Help Lose Weight

Once you have a list of exercises to lose weight, you need to know how to use this effectively. Just throwing yourself straight into the hardest exercise will not help you! You will injure yourself and cause more harm to your body and weight loss efforts. Here are some tips to help you lose weight with exercise.

exercise-push-upBuild Your Way Up

Start off slow and build your way up. If you usually get some exercise in, you will be able to start at a more intermediate level.

However, if you have never done anything in your life, starting too high will cause an injury and make you feel too tired to gain any benefit from it.

Start off with two or three days of exercise a week and then work up to five.

overweight-exerciseIncrease Before Your Body Is Used to It

Eventually your body will get used to the exercise. As it does this, the amount that you do will have no benefit for your health or weight loss efforts.

As an exercise starts feeling too easy, increase the amount of reps that your do or add on more distance or increase the speed.

This prevents your body getting used to it and still feels natural and avoids injury.

rest-bed-laptopMake Sure You Rest!

You need at least one day off a week. If you are only doing exercise to lose weight, it is worth taking two days off per week. Your body needs time to recover.

Not giving it the time it needs will lead to it weakening, you feeling tired and not getting the benefit you expect. It is possible to damage your health by doing too much!

If you feel drained, your body is telling you it is time to slow down.

banana-milk-shakeFuel Your Body Before and After

Don’t exercise on an empty stomach. About an hour before your training session, you should have a bowl of carbohydrates or just a banana or two.

These will give your body enough fuel and give it time to digest something. Afterwards, you will need to eat a healthy meal and drink water to refuel your body. This helps with the recovery process.

water-bottleDrink Plenty of Water

As you sweat, you are releasing more water. Avoid being dehydrated by drinking plenty of water.

On your exercise days you will need to drink more than you usually would.

woman-exercise-sport-gym-stomachSet a Routine

Make exercise part of your regular day by setting a routine. This makes it easier to stick to doing exercise and helps you find a time to fit it in.

It will also mean you are more likely to build it up gradually.

running-exerciseDo Something You Enjoy

This is possibly one of the most important things to do. If you don’t enjoy the exercise you do, you won’t want to stick with it and you won’t put the effort in.

Doing something you love will lead to more effort without you realising. You will get more benefit in the short and long term for your health, fitness and weight loss.

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