Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

It’s bikini time. All women want a flat stomach so they can impress at the beach and feel great in their swimsuits. While diet is important, you still need to tone the muscles through exercise. Focus on the muscles around the stomach to help improve your look and get the stomach of your dreams. Here are seven simple exercises that are perfect for stomach toning.

woman-dumbbellBurn the Calories with Circuit Training

Improve your chances of burning the fat around your stomach with some circuit training. This is best completed three days a week and can incorporate a mixture of exercises to tone your stomach, along with other areas of your body. Make sure you throw in some short bursts of cardio training too so that you increase the amount of calories you burn.

sit-upCrunches and Sit Ups for Stronger Stomach Muscles

Do sets of crunches and sit ups to help strengthen your stomach muscles. Incorporate the different types of sit ups, including twists, normal and side sit ups to work on the different muscle groups – crunches help to work on the upper stomach muscles. You can place your legs under a couch or have someone hold them but you’ll get more of a workout by trying to keep your legs on the floor.

leg-raiseLeg Raises Tone the Stomach Too

Many people focus so much on sit ups that they forget about the other workouts that help the stomach muscles. Leg raises are a great way of strengthening the stomach muscles, especially if you raise both legs at a time; however, focus on one at a time at first to avoid injury. Lay flat on your back and raise the legs up and hold for a few seconds before lowering. Keep your movements slow and controlled to make the most of it.

push-upPush Ups to Train the Core

Your core stability will affect your stomach muscles. Push ups will make your arms stronger but they also help you control your core too. They make you remain balanced while you try to keep the buttock level and parallel to the floor. If you struggle with push ups, start by doing them on your knees so you build your core first.

plankThe Plank for the Core Stability

Another great exercise for core stability is the plank. Start off by lying on the floor on your stomach and push yourself up onto your elbows. Only your elbows and toes should be on the floor. The rest of your body should be level. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then relax and repeat 20 times. As your core becomes stronger, hold the position for longer.

supermanPlay Superman

No don’t try to fly around. Lay on your stomach and lift your right arm and left leg so they are completely off the ground – it looks as if you’re trying to be superman! This will control your core stability.

lying-on-stomachWork on the Lower Back Too

While working on your stomach muscles, help your whole core by working on the lower back muscles. This helps to keep your posture perfect. Lay on your stomach with your hands behind your head and raise your chest off the floor and lower back down.

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