Foods That Detox The Body

Foods That Detox The Body

A woman might not have the best diet in the world. She may have unhealthy eating habits that leave her feeling bloated and tired. One way to make a woman feel better would be to go on a detox diet, but there is an easier way. There are certain foods that a woman can eat that will help cleanse her body of free radicals and impurities that may affect her health.


Artichokes are known as a way to detox the liver. The liver is the organ that cleans the blood, and artichokes help keep it clean.

Artichokes are also known for keeping the heart healthy and are a natural anti-inflammatory for the joints.


Asparagus is a food that is known to keep a woman young if she eats enough of it.

Asparagus can also make the immune system stronger, and is known to protect the body from cancer cells.


Avocados are a source of the Omega-3 fatty acid. Because of the presence of Omega-3, avocados are known to be a good fat.

A woman adding avocados to her meals at least three times a week will keep her body clean of toxins, and her heart and brain a lot healthier thanks to the presence of the Omega-3.


Beets are good for flushing free radicals out of the body.

Beets are also high in vitamin A, which can keep the skin looking smooth and supple.


Broccoli is an unusual food that does more for the body in its raw state then it does when its cooked.

Raw broccoli can really get the liver clean because it works with the enzymes that the liver produces naturally.


A popular way to use cabbage to clean the body is to turn into a soup.

However, the special cabbage detox soup will not clean your body out as much as eating cabbage alone will. People often eat cabbage soup while dieting because it can lower cholesterol.

Another benefit of eating cabbage is the fact that it is a natural diuretic, which will help flush excess fluid from the body by making you use the restroom a lot.


Garlic can serve more than one function in the body. Garlic is known as a food that will strengthen the immune system. Unlike other substances, people cannot build up a resistance to garlic.

Some people prefer to eat garlic raw, but there are many ways this food can help clean out the body. People like to add more garlic to their cooking, but some people can get the benefits of garlic by taking it in pill form.

There are many foods found in nature that can help the body flush out toxins, impurities, and pollutants.

Many of the best detoxifying foods can be beneficial in other ways like being good for the heart, the immune system, make the skin look younger, and help keep the body cancer-free. Keeping the body clean, and healthy, never tasted so good!

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