Foods That Trick Your Mind Into The Full Feeling

Foods That Trick Your Mind Into The Full Feeling

Everyone has experienced those moments where hunger takes over and no food within your vicinity is safe. So instead of grabbing the nearest bag of potato chips and devouring them until only crumbs remain, you should turn to these filling food options that will trick your mind. These are the foods that suppress your appetite and can keep you from ballooning three sizes. Stock up your fridge and cupboards now.

strainer-pasta-tomatoes1 Wheat Pasta

Pasta is a favorite for many women, but the carbs in traditional pasta can really pack on the pounds. So wheat pasta is a great alternative that is still filling, but is a much healthier option.

A great way to keep hunger at bay, is to add chicken to wheat pasta and create a protein packed meal that will suppress your appetite and keep you from snacking late into the night.

apples2 Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also keeps your hunger at bay. Studies show that simply eating an apple before your meal will ensure that you consume fewer calories.

Apples are full of fiber and can also be used to stabilize your blood glucose levels, which can be beneficial to your overall health and prevent sugar cravings.

You will then be able to make smarter snack choices that will allow you to avoid gaining weight.

Minestrone-soup3 Soup

Soup is a great way to eat vegetables in a tasty way. Most soups are filled with vegetables and are a hearty option that will leave you full and satisfied, but it is best to avoid soups that are full of sodium.

Chicken and spinach filled soups are the best variations, but you can add plenty of fresh ingredients to make your soup more satisfying.

Eating soup regularly will also help to increase your water consumption, which can lead to increased weight loss.

coconut-milk4 Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is the latest diet trend among women hoping to lose weight and feel fuller during the day to limit snacking.

It is filled with fatty acids that promote weight loss and hamper your appetite.

It is best to choose coconut milk options that are unsweetened, but can still be used to make smoothies and other tasty snacks to calm your cravings.

almond5 Almonds

It is common knowledge that nuts are a great snack option, but almonds will leave you feeling fuller than other nuts.

Almonds are jammed packed with natural fat and fiber, which can help lower your cholesterol and even prevent the onset of heart attacks.

Unsalted almonds are the best option and they even taste delicious, which makes them ideal as a sweet snack alternative.

Salad-grilled-salmon6 Salmon

Since chicken can be so bland and boring, salmon is a filling dinner option that can spice up meal time. It is full of protein and tastes great if you combine it with wheat pasta.

You can add mango for added flair and create a meal that will tantalize your taste buds, but also leave you feeling full.

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