Get Yourself Ready for Your Marathon

Get Yourself Ready for Your Marathon

Running a marathon is an amazing experience but it is hard work. You can’t just run 26 miles without any training. You need to build your way up to it, especially if you’ve never ran in the past. Here are some training tips to get you ready for your marathon.

running-womanBuild Your Distance Slowly

Don’t rush straight into marathon runs. In fact, you will probably never do a marathon run before the actual event.

You need to build your distance slowly. Start with a mile if you’ve never run before and then build it up to three, five, ten etc. Eventually, you will get closer to the marathon distance and it won’t seem like such hard work.

running-woman-treadmillCheck Your Running Shoes

You need to have comfortable footwear designed for long distance running. There are plenty of specialist stores that stock good running shoes.

You could invest in having your running style assessed, so you can find running shoes that will support your body. Some people run on the insides of their feet while others only run on their toes!

running-coupleTry Out Different Surfaces

Most marathons are run on road but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly train on that. There are many benefits to trying out different surfaces.

Road running causes impact on your knees so try running on grass or clay to help build up your muscles and get yourself ready for the road. You could even try running on a treadmill to help build up your stamina.

running-woman2Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

While there is some truth in the saying “no pain, no gain”, you want to avoid pushing yourself too hard. You can cause an injury.

If you feel too much pain, especially in a localised area, stop running and stretch it off. It could be your body’s way of telling you that it needs a rest. You can always go back to running afterwards.

weightlifting-exercise-bells-ballFocus on Strength Training Too

You can’t just work on your running. You need to do other types of training for overall endurance, especially strength training. Work on your leg muscles to get them ready for getting you around the 26 mile track.

You will feel better for it when you reach the end and don’t have as much lactic acid build up.

fish-dishEat Nutritiously

It is really important to focus on your diet. You need to follow a strict eating plan of protein and complex carbohydrates.

When you sign up for your marathon, you will usually be given a link to a website or some guides about getting the right diet for this type of running. Follow them because they have been written for a reason!

woman-resting-gardenGet Some Rest Days!

You can’t train 24/7. You need to get some rest days in there. One day a week at least is a must.

This doesn’t mean you can sit and watch TV all day. Go for a gentle swim or walk or just go and meet some friends and go shopping.

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