Healthy Fall Foods: Benefits of Women Eating Pumpkin

Healthy Fall Foods: Benefits of Women Eating Pumpkin

When the fall comes, pumpkin is one of the biggest foods that is eaten because pumpkins are used for Halloween to carve, and then used for pies for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin is not only tastes good, but is also very beneficial for a woman to eat. There are seven reasons why pumpkin should be included in a woman’s fall diet.

poor-eyesight-magnifyer-workVitamin A for eyes:

Pumpkin in any form has a lot of vitamin A in it, which is very good for eyes.

As women get older, their eyesight might not be as strong as it used to be, and one cup of pumpkin contains over 200 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.

When it comes to vitamin A, the eyes need all the extra help they can get when it comes to trying to see in low light.

sitting-on-toiletFiber for regularity:

Women have to eat a certain amount of fiber every day if they want to have a healthy digestive system.

Women may not realize it, but for every cup of pumpkin, there is up to three grams of fiber, which can keep a woman regular and her colon healthy.

overweight-womanPumpkin for weight loss:

Pumpkin is a bulky dense food that can keep a woman full for a very long time.

When a woman eats pumpkin regularly, she is going to be fuller longer, which means she will eat less and her waistline will shrink as she loses weight.

heart-womanPumpkin seeds for the heart:

There is a chemical in pumpkin seeds called phytosterols that have been the subject of many heart studies.

Phyosterols are known to reduce the level of bad cholesterol that a woman has in her body, which can keep the heart healthy and prevent heart attacks.

prescription-doctor-pillPumpkin reduces the likelihood of cancer:

The orange that makes pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables orange is beta carotene.

Tests have shown that beta carotene can prevent cancer cells from forming, and eating pumpkin at least three times a week can keep a woman from developing certain cancers.

sensitive-skinPumpkin to keep the skin healthy:

The beta carotene in the pumpkin can do a lot for the skin.

If a woman loves to go outside in the sun, and is worried about wrinkles, only has to make pumpkin part of their diet to keep their skin protected and wrinkle-free.

Fresh-Air-nature-happy-womanA healthy and strong immune system:

Vitamin C is what has been used to keep the body healthy and free from colds. Pumpkin contains vitamin C, which can help make a woman’s immune system a lot stronger so she can avoid getting sick when the temperature starts to get cooler.

One cup of pumpkin a day can keep the doctor away just as effectively as eating one apple a day. There are also a lot of other nutrients in the pumpkin that can defend the body from germs that cause colds and flus.

Some women love pumpkin, but now one of their favorite foods for the fall can also keep their body nice and healthy. One cup of pumpkin eaten three times a week can keep a woman’s eyes healthier, their skin smooth, and reduce their risk of contracting cancer.

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