Healthy Snack Ideas for Anywhere

Healthy Snack Ideas for Anywhere

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring. When it comes to snacks, it can be easy to rely on a piece of fruit but that gets old pretty quick. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want a healthier lifestyle, opting for a variety of snacks is important and here are some delicious ideas to try.

salsa-sauceMake Your Own Salsa

Salsa is actually pretty easy to make. You just need a variety of chopped up vegetables, like onions, tomatoes and peppers.

Make sure they are finely chopped and add some seasoning and spices for a little taste. Add a bit of water and put all the ingredients into a pot to boil off some of the juices.

The best part is that salsa can be enjoyed with many different snacks, including vegetable sticks or even on its own!

trail-mixMixed Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds are extremely healthy. They are full of protein and the fats that are good for you.

Mixing them together also offers a better taste for some. Make sure you go for the unsalted, natural nuts – peanuts bought out of the store are not the best option!

You just need a handful for a snack and will find that they are very filling.

graham-crackersMultigrain Crackers

Crackers make a delicious way to get rid of the munchies. You don’t need to eat them on their own though.

You could top with salsa, cottage cheese or even natural yogurt. You can also top with vegetables to help get your five a day.

fruit-yogurtNatural Yogurt

Yogurt works as a wonderful option between meals – it also works well as a dessert! Opt for the plain, natural yogurts and then you can add a variety of fruits and seeds with the mix.

You will soon find tastes and experiences that you never imagined. Try a bit of natural yogurt with some cottage cheese and crunched up bran flakes or a digestive biscuit – you get a healthy cheesecake!

vegetable-salsaMixture of Vegetable Sticks

Instead of relying on a piece of fruit, chop up a variety of vegetables and have them on the go with you.

You can put them in re-sealable sandwich bags to keep them fresh and only have a small amount.

Vegetable sticks are delicious on their own or with a dip of some type, including salsa, hummus and guacamole.

boiled-eggsHard Boiled Eggs

It may seem strange but hard boiled eggs make wondering snack ideas, whether in the house or on the go! You only need one or two for a snack.

They are very high in protein but low in cholesterol to make them a healthy but filling option.

meringue-nests-strawberryMeringue Nests

When you want something sweet, opt for a meringue nest. These are pretty much just egg whites and sugar but are still healthy options.

They are also great crushed up with some fruit or even in a yogurt but you could just eat them on their own! Avoid too many though – one is the perfect amount.

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