Healthy Tips For Women On The Move

Healthy Tips For Women On The Move

As women we know how hard it can be to manage our daily schedules and still maintain time for healthy habits. You are constantly going from work to soccer practice and have little time to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal. Skipping actual meals and loading up on sugary snacks and carb-loaded fast food has become the norm. However, these convenient habits will eventually have devastating effects on your health. Here are some simple and easy tips that will allow you to be healthy and happy on the move.

woman-breakfastBreakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Almost every woman has heard this saying before, but many of us skip this meal due to a jam packed morning schedule. Waking up the kids and getting ready for another busy day can fill your entire morning and leave little time for a healthy breakfast.

However, a cup of coffee simply doesn’t count as a breakfast substitute. Choose simple breakfast foods that require little preparation, but are still immensely nutritious.

Peanut butter and bananas on whole grain toast can be a tasty breakfast option that the whole family will enjoy. Other healthy breakfast foods include cottage cheese and fruit or nuts and berries.

woman-restaurant-lunchAvoid Eating Out At Lunch

Fast food is the downfall of most healthy diets. It is so convenient and easy to simply swing by a drive through and enjoy a tasty burger and a large coke. It might be simple, but it won’t be good for your figure.

Packing a wholesome lunch to take with you to work is a much more effective option. Healthy foods don’t have to be bland or unenjoyably; instead you can prepare fast lunches that are flavorful and will leave your energized and satisfied.

You can make pasta salad for the entire family and take small portions in your lunch daily. Simply combine your favorite raw vegetables with herbs and dressing for a delightful lunch option.

Stuffed pita sandwiches are also a great alternative to drive through cheeseburgers. Fill pita bread with spinach and tuna for a tasty option at work.

woman-restaurant-saladWhen Eating Out Choose Healthy Foods

Not all dining restaurants serve unhealthy and grease filled food; instead most restaurants have healthy selections that will enable you to eat right on the move.

Simply choose grilled chicken options and load up on vegetables and salad. Try to stay away from bread, but don’t starve or restrict yourself too much. Splurging occasionally is fine and even good for your diet.

This will ensure that you don’t overeat. Choose the grilled chicken and then treat yourself with dessert.


Maintaining healthy eating habits requires you to plan ahead and think about the food options that are best for you. You must be in control of the food you eat to avoid impulse stops at fast food restaurants.

Eating healthy can be easy and enjoyable if you choose food options that are appealing to your unique tastes. Women on the move must make efforts to eat healthy and maintain an appealing figure.

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