Healthy Treats To Give Out For Halloween

Healthy Treats To Give Out For Halloween

Halloween is coming, and with it comes time to shop for candy. However, candy can make kids gain weight and is really bad for their teeth. There are a lot of healthy treats that adults can make on their own and give out for Halloween treats. Here is a list of 7 healthy treats that kids will love to get in their Halloween treat bag.

dark-chocolateDark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is not the same as the kind found in regular candy bars that contain milk chocolate.

There are a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids in dark chocolate that can keep kids healthy by keeping their blood pressure down and their immune system nice and strong.

Candy-halloweenOrganic Fruit Candy:

Organic candy can be made of fruit like apples and strawberries, which makes it sweet and tasty.

However, unlike regular candy, organic candy is a healthy alternative because there are no preservatives and nothing artificial in the candy, which means it is a guilt-free candy that parents can give out to the trick or treaters in their neighborhood.

Yogurt-raisins-coffeeYogurt Coated Raisins:

Yogurt covered raisins are a great treat because of what both yogurts and raisins contain. Yogurt is full of calcium and protein, and raisins are full of fiber and potassium.

For Halloween, yogurt raisins come in convenient packages that will fit easily into anything that a child uses for their treat bag.

Gummy-Candy-halloweenGummy Candy:

Gummy candy has always been fat-free, and kids can eat it in many forms whether it is worms or bears.

Parents may not know this, but gummy candy actually has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients, which is why there are now vitamins made of gummy because it is one of the most popular candies that kids love to eat.

honey-candied-fruitHoney Candy:

Some parents want their kids to eat natural foods including sweets like candies.

Honey is a natural sweetener, and it can benefit the body by keeping the digestive system healthy, keeps the skin soft, and can even make the immune system work better because it has natural antibacterial properties.

Sugar-Free-GumSugar Free Gum:

Gum can freshen breath, and keep the mouth from going dry.

For Halloween, instead of giving gum pack with a lot of sugar and calories, sugar free gum is a good option because it has no sugar and also will not do any damage to the teeth.

Granola-BarsGranola Bars:

The granola in the granola bars is good for the digestion system because it has a lot of fiber. There are a lot of different kinds of granola bars including bars that contain nuts, fruit, grains, and even yogurt.

However, parents need to be careful about which bars they choose because some things like nuts and yogurt is healthy, but some kinds of granola bars have things like chocolate chips and even candy pieces, which can turn healthy granola bars into nothing more than a candy bar.

Granola bars can be a good Halloween treat, and even a healthy snack, as long as they are not loaded with anything extra.

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