Hourglass Figure Always Rules the Hearts

Hourglass Figure Always Rules the Hearts

Food is the necessity for living, but it is not always true, if obesity is taking the better of the hunger. The new generation favors in hourglass figure. A hot and seducing figure is always on the desirable front rather than a fatso. Women are much more on the edge in terms of a protruding tummy or bulging of tires or sagging double chins. As a result, dieting is taking the better off their daily routine to maintain that accurate meat in appropriate portions of the body.
Avoid high calorie foods

It is always a wrong notion that calories are not the means of increasing the fat substance in the body. Colas and soda bottle drinks is bound to add the extra calorie in the body; through medical researches it has been found that 12ounce of cola drink contains 12 teaspoons of raw sugar, which is enough to increase around 160units of calories at one go.

smoothieGo for home made drinks

Home prepared orange squeezed juices along with some icing on it are much yummier and deliciously desirable. It will not need any extra sugars. The raw orange juice is enough tasty items for a summer brunch. Your figure will get its enough benefits as well as your body will get its satisfied healthy drink.

fruit-drinkBenefits and advantages in fruit drinks

There are thousands of benefits in fruit drinks for dieting. Some of the most precise and renowned ones includes the calories. A 12ounce of fruit juice adds only 15 units of calories. It adds only 4grams of carbohydrates, whereas sodas and colas add around 40grams of carbohydrates. Fruit drinks consist of only 3grams of sugar; on the other hand it consists of 55grams of potassium which is quite healthy for the body.

ice-creamYummy or killing ice creams

It is always a great question, is ice-cream killing or giving you healthy substance??? Well, who cares? Digging into yummy ice creams is something everyone loves; age is just a number in case of ice creams. But, for the kind information to the ladies, half a cup of ice cream contains 2000 calories, which is quite risky for the ladies, as they are bound to put on a nice amount of fat.

yoghurtGo for yoghurts

It is always a good decision to have handmade yoghurts at the time of tempting urges. You can even add honey, cherry, berry as well as ices to make the yoghurt servings delicious. Yoghurts are best for adding fibers of a minimum 3grams, proteins of a minimum 21grams, and minimum calcium of 175 grams.

vegetablesHave healthy vegetables

It is always suggestible to add some healthy greenly vegetables in the diet chart, to supply required vitamins, proteins, calcium. The best among them includes fresh edamame; cooked or steamed edamame is good for health and adds nutrition. It is much better than the salted chips and the junk food items.

diet-exerciseDo exercise

Well, needless to say, exercising is a great way to control your increasing weight and stop obesity. An active mind and heart is actually a replica of exercises which a body gets infused with, on particular intervals.

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