How to Make Exercise Work to Lose Weight

How to Make Exercise Work to Lose Weight

The diet isn’t the only way to lose weight. Exercise will help to burn more calories so you’ll reach your goals sooner. Get the beach body you’ve always wanted with these simple tips to make exercise work for your weight loss.

woman-exerciseCreate a Plan to Fit Around You

No matter how much exercise you do, if you don’t do it on a regular basis, you won’t see the results that you want. Create a plan that is easy to fit around your schedule, whether you can fit 30 minutes during your lunch break or need to split it up to fit around your other commitments.

woman-gymStick to Your Plan

Once you have a schedule, stick to it. Even if you don’t feel up for exercise, do it. You’ll actually feel better afterwards due to the release of endorphins. You can make some changes to suit your needs on the day – such as doing an indoor workout if it’s raining – but make sure you do something!

women-socializing-gymGet Your Friends and Family Involved

If you have children, get them involved in your exercise. If you don’t, find friends and other family members to join in with you. Your exercise will become more enjoyable and you’ll do much more! You’ll also be more motivated to do it on a bad day as you have someone to make you accountable for your actions.

music-exercise-joggingPlay Some Music

If you don’t have someone to join in with you, play your own music. Have a playlist of tracks for walking around the park or when you’re at the gym – whatever type of exercise you do. It takes your mind off the activity and you’ll put more effort in without realising; burning more calories and losing more weight!

rope-climb-exerciseDo a Mix of Activity

Don’t let your body get used to the activity that it does by creating a mix. If you get used to it, you’ll find your weight loss efforts slump. Go for a long run one day but do some resistance training the next. This will also help to work different muscles and work on your tone as well as your weight loss so you look great in your bikini.

woman-healthy-foodEat the Right Foods

Make sure you give your body the energy it needs to workout. High fibre and protein foods are excellent for a slow burn but carbohydrates are great for that quick release. People training for marathons are encouraged to eat plenty of carbohydrates for the glucose to give the muscles the energy.

woman-sleepGet Enough Sleep

While you want to burn more calories, your body needs to get its rest. It needs to recover after a workout so you need to get enough sleep. If you’ve genuinely had a bad night’s sleep, you may do your health more good by skipping a workout and getting the rest you missed – but make sure you get back on the plan the next day.


Make exercise work for you. Create a plan that will work around your day and then stick to it. You will burn more calories throughout the day by being active and will soon see the pounds drop off.

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