How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Pie Filling

How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Pie Filling

Every Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie is baked, and the pie filling comes from a can. However, some women are into making things from scratch, and decide to try and make their own filling. There are steps a woman can take to make her own pie filling for the popular Thanksgiving dessert.

PumpkinsChoose A Big Pumpkin:

Every year, there are vendors all over the sell pumpkins and there are also pumpkins that are sold in grocery stores.

The bigger the pumpkin a woman buys, the more filling that can be made from it.

pumpkinPrepare The Pumpkin:

After the pumpkin is brought home, the stem has to be removed, and the inside of the pumpkin has to be cleaned out of the strings and seeds.

pumpkin-halfCut The Pumpkin Up:

Once the pumpkin has been cleaned out it has to be washed out and then cut up. To make it easier to deal with, the pumpkin should be cut up in small squares.

pumpkin-squaresPlace The Pumpkin Squares In A Pot:

The pumpkin squares should be placed in a pot and the pot should then be filled with water. Once the pot is ready, it should be placed on the stove and brought to a boil.

kitchen-making-food-cookingCooking The Pumpkin:

The amount of time to cook the pumpkin is going to vary depending on how much is in the pot. Typically, the pumpkin should be boiled until it is soft, much like when making mashed potatoes.

The pumpkin squares should be soft enough that they can be mashed with a fork. Once the pumpkin is soft enough, the water should be drained and the pieces in the pot left to sit until they are cooled off.

Pumpkin-PureeThe cooked pumpkin has to be mashed:

Once the pumpkin is cool, it has to be mashed up, and there are a number of different ways this can be done. Some women prefer to place the pumpkin in a glass bowl and use a mixer while others prefer to put the pumpkin in a blender.

The cooked pumpkin has to be blended until it has the consistency of baby food. If women use the blender, this is a good chance for spices to be added in.

pumpkin-pieTaste the pumpkin:

The spices to use for the pie filling are things like nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. Whether the blender is used, or a mixer is used, the pie filling has to be tasted to make sure the spices are just right.

Sugar should not be added at this time because sugar is part of the pumpkin pie recipe, and adding it to the pie filling is going to make the pie too sweet. If the pie filling tastes fine, then it is ready to become pie and the recipe can then be followed.

However, if the pie filling is still lacking in flavor, then more spices can be added until it tastes just right.

Some women love to make their own pies from scratch from the filling to the crust. Millions of pumpkins are sold every year, and some women love to buy a big pumpkin and turn it into pie filling that will taste better than what comes from a can.

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