Is That Skinny Detox Really Worthwhile?

Is That Skinny Detox Really Worthwhile?

So, you’ve heard about the latest detox diet. You like the idea at first but then you start to read through it. Seriously: cabbage only every day of the week? You start to wonder whether a detox diet is really worthwhile. And it’s probably not.

woman-stomachYour Body Naturally Detoxifies

Your body will naturally detoxify; that’s the whole point of the kidneys and intestines. They make sure the body absorbs all the good stuff and removes all the bad stuff through your sweat, urine and stools.

This is the way bodies have worked since the cavemen days – and there were not detox diets back then!

unhappy-dietYou Don’t Get All the Nutrients You Need

Most of the diets will cut out certain food groups. This cuts out certain nutrients that your body needs. It could be calcium, iron or one of the vitamins.

Your body needs a healthy and balanced diet to survive and work efficiently. A detox diet could actually do it more harm than good!

abdominal-pain-stomach-ache-pillThe Side Effects Are the Worst

At the start of a detox, there are many side effects to think about. These include headaches, nausea and muscle aches.

You may tell yourself that these are good since it’s your body getting rid of the bad stuff but do you really need to put yourself through all that?

Depending on the diet, the side effects could be signs that you’re not drinking enough water, not getting the right nutrients and even causing harm to your body!

wheatgrass-juiceThey’re Not Long Term Options

They’re not designed for long term use. The diets only last a few days. However, there are many people who continue them for a longer period of time hoping to get more out of them.

If you do decide to follow a detox diet, you should talk to your doctor to make sure you get the proper medical care.

superfood-dietThey Don’t Work for the Long Term

Once the diet is over, that’s it; the benefits stop. You start to put on weight again because you go back to eating the way you used to.

Detox diets don’t offer a long term maintenance plan and you could end up piling on more pounds than you started with! It is important to eat a healthy diet and make healthy changes to lose weight.

Counting caloriesYou Won’t Necessarily Get Enough Calories

Your body needs a certain amount of calories to survive. If you don’t eat enough, it will get them from your body. However, the muscles are where most calories come from at first and then the fat.

Depending on the diet, you may not get enough calories at all, even to survive once the body takes them from those stored. You could do more harm in the long run.

Healthy-diet-mushrooms-saladYou Need to Focus on a Healthy Diet

Nutrition is the most important thing for the body. You need to focus on a healthy diet that eliminates the foods that clogs up the body’s intestines and makes it harder to digest and naturally detox.

This eliminates the need for detox diets and all the side effects!

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