Lose Weight with Exercise and Enjoy It Too

Lose Weight with Exercise and Enjoy It Too

When people want to lose weight, they often hear that exercise is beneficial. The problem is that so many people have the misconception that this means running or going to the gym. This isn’t the case. If you’re not a fan of the gyms and hate running, you can still exercise to help lose weight.

jumping-outdoorsFind Something that You Enjoy

Pick something that you love doing. You may hate running but what about swimming, rowing or even just playing netball with your friends? By finding something that you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to stick with it and you’ll lose more weight so you get the beach body of your dreams.

women-socializing-gymFind Someone to Do It with You

Part of the problem with exercise is that it can get boring. If you’re running around the park, it’s easy to do one lap and decide that you’d rather do something else. Find a friend to do the exercise with you so that you have someone to talk to. This could be a great chance to catch up with a close friend or family member. You could also get the kids involved by having a kick around in the park so they use up their excess energy.

woman-exerciseDo It in Small Bites

You don’t need to do the whole 30 minutes (the recommended amount) of exercise at the same time. You’ll still get 30 minutes worth if you do it in three 10 minutes sessions or even six five minutes sessions! Small bites are often something that people can do around their schedule and are more likely to enjoy it.

fitness-classJoin a Fitness Class

There are so many places offering fitness classes and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sign up to the gym. A class isn’t just a great way to get fit and lose weight; it’s a great way to make friends and have a laugh. Everyone is in the same boat – they all want to find a more enjoyable way to lose weight.

dvd-womanGet a Dance DVD

If you don’t fancy doing the workout in front of others, get a dance DVD. These are done in your own home and are perfect for a rainy day. You can do them at a time that suits you and can get friends involved if you want. Games consoles are another popular option to make a workout fun.

move-officeMove Around the Office More

Exercise isn’t just about doing a workout. Just increase the amount of activity you do by moving around the office more! Print off your work in bits so you have to walk to the printer more or take more breaks during the hour to give your legs a stretch.

dance-homeDance Around the House

Whether you’re doing the chores or you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, put some music on and dance around the house. You’ll do so much activity and raise the heart rate in one day that you won’t need to go out to the gym – and you’ll have so much run doing it.

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