More Summer Fruits and Their Health Benefits

More Summer Fruits and Their Health Benefits

There are so many popular summer fruits. After already covering seven, there are many more that are worth buying and trying. They work great with desserts, snacks and just to add something different to a meal. At the same time, they offer some major health benefits that you rarely get from other sources.


Have you ever been picking for blackberries? This is a great activity to do together but make sure you wash them before you eat! Fresh blackberries are full of antioxidants.

These fight your free radicals and help to prevent diseases like cancer.

Cantaloupe-MelonCantaloupe Melons

There are many types of melons but cantaloupes often have a sweeter taste. They work great as a dessert or even mixed with yogurt for a healthy breakfast.

They are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which has been linked to reducing the risk of developing cataracts later in life. They are also better for weight loss that others because they have half the calories!

goji-berryGoji Berries

Most health stores now stock dried goji berries although the fresh ones have more health benefits.

They are great as snacks, especially mixed with dried cranberries, and are full of vitamin A. This helps to keep the immune system working so your body can fight off infections easier.

kiwiKiwi Fruits

These are found most of the year but are exceptionally tasty during the summer. Kiwi fruits are great as lunchtime desserts or snacks during the day but they can be quite acidy.

They are full of vitamin C, E, potassium and magnesium to help various parts of the body. You will boost your immune system, have healthier looking skin and improve your bone density.

What more could you ask for from one fruit? Want to lower the risk of heart disease? The kiwi fruit does that too.


Yes, you will likely eat oranges on a daily basis but they are still a summer fruit – grown more in the summer than any other time of year.

There are many different types of oranges but they all offer the great benefit of vitamin C. Your body can’t store this to help your immune system so you need as much as possible from the good you eat.


Enjoy some mango in your breakfast or add it to pancakes and salads. They are tasty and sweet and offer more health benefits that you could image. They are full of vitamins A and E.

They are linked to protecting the eyesight as well as helping to reduce the effects and risks of age-related macular degenerative disease, which is the main reason older people go blind.


This is a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed in a savoury and sweet way. Whichever way you try it, you will find that your digestive system works better.

The nutrients aid with digestion so you get all the benefits of anything you eat and avoid problems afterwards. It also helps the skin due to the high levels of vitamin A.

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