Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Kids go to school every day, and sometimes it is not easy to get that child to eat a healthy breakfast. However, there are many quick breakfasts that a mom can make for her child. Here are some simple ways to make breakfast so a child can eat before its time for school.

egg-pizzaEnglish muffin egg pizza:

Kids can make their own pizza for breakfast with egg muffins, a slice of mozzarella, cheese, a slice of tomato, and a hard-boiled egg that is cut into slices.

To give the pizzas a little flavor, some oil olive can be lightly drizzled on top of the egg. The egg and cheese will give a child protein, which is going to make them more alert for school.

Peanut-butter-sandwichPeanut butter on wheat toast:

Peanut butter can give a child some quick energy that is a lot better for them than a bowl of sugary cereal.

On wheat toast, a child can spread peanut butter and then top it with the favorite fruit like banana slices, apple slices, or even a low sugar jelly.

Celery-sticksCelery sticks with cream cheese and raisins:

Crunchy celery sticks are good for a child’s teeth because it can help protect them from tooth decay and bacteria.

The cream cheese is protein, and the raisins will provide fiber that can give a child a lot of energy.

Fruit-smoothieFruit smoothie:

Fruit can provide natural sugar that can help a kid wake up. In a blender, combine milk, and the fruit of choice, which can be bananas, strawberries, or a child can get creative and put both into the blender.

To help make the smoothie sweet, a little honey can go a long way, and hone is another natural sugar that is good for a growing body.

quark-cheeseCheese dip with bagel chips:

Bagel chips come in a variety of flavors, but plain bagel chips work best. In a small bowl, a kid can combine one cup of cream cheese, one cup of yogurt, and add a little bit of jelly for sweetness.

The bagel chips can then be used to dip or as a substitute spoon. The cottage cheese is a good protein, and both the yogurt and cottage cheese are a source of dairy for growing bones.

bagel-cream-cheese-strawberryBagel with cream cheese and strawberry slices:

Whole wheat bagels are full of whole grains and fiber. When wheat bagels are topped with cream cheese, and fruit for sweetness, then they become a very nutritious food for breakfast.

Bagels are also good to eat because the carbohydrates and whole wheat will keep a child fuller longer than any other food.

creative-vegetable-sandwich-with-cheese-hamWheat toast with melted cheese and a slice of ham:

Honey ham and cheese put on top of a piece of wheat toast can help a boy or girl get a good start in the morning. Protein is known as brain food, and the toast will be converted into sugar that can wake up the body.

Breakfast is important, and studies have shown that a child that eats a good breakfast will be full, and then will to be tempted to snack during the day, which means they will not have issues with their weight.

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