Set Your Goals and Lose Weight Easily

Set Your Goals and Lose Weight Easily

Motivation is important when losing weight, especially if you have a lot to lose. Goal setting really helps with this. While you may have one big goal, it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Change that with these goal setting tips.

lose-weightKeep Your Goals Realistic

It’s easy to get disheartened because you don’t reach a goal. You feel like everything is a waste of time and you just want to give up. This is usually a problem because you’ve set unrealistic – often impossible – goals. Make sure you can reach them. Don’t try to lose 30lbs in a month! Not only is this hard but it’s not healthy.

weight-measureSet Mini Goals Along the Way

When you’re losing weight, you’ll have one target at the end. This may be a long way off so have a series of mini goals along the way. Set a goal to meet each half a stone or 10% of your initial body weight. These give you something to celebrate every month or so while having something tangible to work towards.

waist-measure-tapeHave Other Types of Goals

It’s easy to become so fixated on weight goals. These may not happen each week so you need other types of goals along the way. Maybe you have a dress that you want to fit into or have a fitness goal that you want to reach. They help to shake up your weight loss and give you something else to celebrate if weight loss doesn’t go your way.

weight-lossSet Goals You Can Control

You can’t control the amount of weight you lose. You may have set a goal to lose 7lbs in a month but you can’t guarantee that will happen. Set goals that you do have more control over, such as increasing the amount of activity you do or the type of snacks you have. You’ll benefit more by seeing them happen.

happy-womanCelebrate Your Milestones

Once you do meet a goal, celebrate them. It’s easy to just watch them go by with the idea that you’ll celebrate when you get to the end. This just leaves you feeling deflated since the goals don’t actually mean much – why will your big goal mean anything? Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, a DVD or even a new outfit for the summer.

woman-apple-dessertFocus on Health as well as Weight

Like setting other types of goals, make part of your goals to become healthier. Being a few stone lighter isn’t worth anything if you’re not feeling better and able to enjoy life. This will also help you lose weight healthily and make sure you keep it off afterwards.

a-line-skirtSet Up a Reminder of Your Before Look

When you don’t reach a goal, don’t be disheartened. Set up a reminder of the way you looked before, whether it’s a photo of yourself or an old dress. This will remind you of how far you have come and the milestones you have achieved along the way. You’ll feel more motivated to continue.

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