7 Effective Warm Up Tips for Any Exercise or Sport

7 Effective Warm Up Tips for Any Exercise or Sport

Whether you’re going running or playing tennis with friends, you need to warm up. This gets your muscles ready for the activity and avoids injury. Warming up doesn’t need to be boring. Here are seven effective and fun tips to do.

jumping-outdoorsJump Around on the Spot

Get your heart rate up by jumping around on the spot. Let yourself feel like a child again and shake your arms and legs while you’re jumping.

Not only does this help you warm your body up but it will help to ease your stress and boost your mood.

You’ll be ready mentally and physically for the exercise. If you feel too silly, use a skipping rope to help you.

music-exercise-joggingTurn Up the Music

Don’t warm up in silence. Music stops this from getting boring and makes you work harder.

You start doing movements to the beat and will find yourself singing along instead of worrying about how long you’ve held a stretch for or you’ve been warming up for.

Pick your favourite music but some of the best for warming up are the good and cheesy old classics.

stairs-exercise-legs-feetUse Dynamic Exercises

Keep your heart rate up while stretching with dynamic exercises. These include lunges, squats and arm circles.

They keep your body moving while stretching the muscles you’ll need for your activity.

You’ll be surprised at the muscle groups you use, so do a range of stretches for your legs, chest, back and arms.

woman-exercise-sport-gym-stomachMimic Your Training Exercises

During your warm up focus on the exercises you will do during your training. If you’re going to be doing weight training, mimic the movements that you will do.

If you’re playing tennis, mimic that movement. This not only makes your warm up specific for your exercise but gets your body ready for the repetitive movements.

Many injuries are actually from the repetitive movements.

exercise-stomach-situpsUse Swinging Movements in Your Warm Up

You want to increase your flexibility and elasticity in your muscles. The best way to do that is, once your body is warmer, incorporate some swinging exercises.

This is especially important for your hips and shoulders. When it comes to leg swings, find something to hold onto so that you keep your balance. The last thing you want is to injure yourself before exercising.

bottom-exerciseBe an Animal for a Few Minutes

There are a few movements that make you look like an animal. They are great fun and perfect for an effective warm up.

Opt for crab walks, spider walks and even bunny hops. A couple of sets of each will be enough to get your body ready.

exercise-woman-fitball-natureUse a Medicine Ball

If you’re around weights or in the gym, use a medicine ball as part of your work out. This is more effective than general weights and you can do so many exercises with one.

The balls come in different sizes. Don’t choose the heaviest – or the heaviest that you can handle! Pick one that is comfortable to use to get ready for your training session afterwards.

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