Speed Up Your Metabolism and Effortlessly Lose Weight

Speed Up Your Metabolism and Effortlessly Lose Weight

You don’t just need to diet to lose weight. The trick is to eat fewer calories than your body burns so your body burns those stored in your body. Your metabolism is responsible for deciding how many calories your body needs. To effortlessly lose weight, you need to improve the metabolism’s speed with these tips.

thyroid-ultrasound-doctorMake Sure You Have No Problems Affecting Your Metabolism

There are a number of things that affect the metabolism. Age and gender are two of them and you can do nothing about – men naturally have a faster metabolism than women.

However, medical conditions can also affect the metabolism, including thyroid problems and heredity conditions. Talk to your doctor about possibly having anything that affects your metabolism if you are unusre.

clean-fresh-food-vegetablesKnow Your Current Estimate for Your Metabolic Rate

You need to calculate your resting metabolic rate. There are plenty of websites that will help you do this quickly.

This is an average number of calories that your body burns just by existing.

As you do more exercise, the amount of calories burned increases. Knowing this will help to determine a minimum number of calories you need to eat.

woman-healthy-foodGet Your Minimum Number of Calories

You don’t want to reduce your calories too much. This will slow your metabolism down! Help it by eating no more than 500 less than your body needs.

You can make sure you eat enough calories by looking at the number on the packet. However, you will also need to focus on healthy foods to improve the nutritional value.

healthy--food-saladEat Little and Often

Your metabolism needs energy constantly throughout the day. If you eat little and often, you will find that your metabolism constantly works and will speed up over time.

You should aim for six smaller meals instead of three big meals and two snacks every day.

whole-grain-breadEat Food that Breaks Down Slowly

Simple carbohydrates and refined foods breakdown quickly and release into the blood stream. This leads to high blood sugars and, therefore, high levels of insulin being released into the system.

This leads to the metabolism slowing down. Keep it working and help it work efficiently by eating foods that break down slowly and release energy throughout the day.

bottom-exercise2Use Aerobic Exercise to Boost the Metabolism

Aerobic exercise will help to speed up your metabolism. Simply going for a long distance run will only do it temporarily.

You will need to switch the intensity quickly, through dance classes, circuit training and interval training to boost your metabolic rate.

Remember that you will burn more calories so you will need to eat more afterwards.

shopping-calculatorKeep Recalculating Your Metabolic Rate

As you lose weight, your resting metabolic rate decreases so you need to recalculate it. This is important to avoid overeating accidentally.

You will then need to decrease the amount of calories that you eat throughout the day to keep losing weight the easy way.

Once you reach a weight you are happy with, you can keep your metabolic rate steady by eating around the same amount of calories.

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