Stay Away from Soda – Reasons a Woman Should Give Up Soda

Stay Away from Soda – Reasons a Woman Should Give Up Soda

Every year, soda manufacturers report millions of dollars that they have made from men and women buying their soft drinks. However, if people knew the truth about soda, they would never buy another can or bottle of it. Soda can be detrimental to a woman’s health, and there are some very specific reasons why she should stay away from soda.

Checking-blood-pressureCan make a woman’s blood pressure go up:

Scientists are proving more and more just how bad soda is for women.

In a recent study, women who drank at least two sodas a day had a higher blood pressure rate than women who drank water and tea.

teeth-dentistCan cause the teeth to decay:

Soda is made with sugar and water, and that sugar can strip off the precious enamel from the sugar of the teeth.

A scientist once did an experiment in which a human tooth was placed in a jar of soda, and within one week that soda had dissolved the tooth.

Weight-gain-jeansCan cause a woman to gain weight:

The sugar in soda is basically empty calories that can make a woman gain weight.

Also, the sugar in soda can also stimulate a woman’s appetite and make her eat more.

pregnant-diabetes-blood-testCan cause Type 2 Diabetes:

There has been a link between soda consumption and the development of type 2 diabetes.

Even if a woman decides to switch to diet soda, the fact is that soda is very bad for a woman, and diabetes is just one of its side effects.

kidney-stoneCan cause kidney stones:

The sugar and acid in the soda is very hard for a woman’s kidneys to process. After so many years of drinking soda, a woman may start noticing she has pain in the lower back.

That lower back pain can be a sign that a woman has kidney stones. Kidney stones can be very painful to get rid of, and can take a lot time to clear up.

upset-stomachCan cause digestive problems:

The carbonated water can be very acidic, and that acid can be very hard on the stomach.

A stomach that has too much acid from soda can have problems digesting food.

hands-on-stomach-painCan cause heartburn:

Too much acid in the stomach has to go somewhere. While a woman is sleeping, the acid in the stomach can back up into her throat and cause her to have heartburn.

A woman can wake up with bad breath, a burning throat, and countless other problems all caused by drinking soda.

Every year, millions of bottle of soda are sold to the general public. However, before a woman grabs a cold bottle from the fridge, she should think about what that soda will do to her body.

Soda is very bad for a woman’s body, and she stay away from soda because even one can a day can cause significant damage to her body. There so many kinds of drinks in the world, and there are a lot better alternatives for a woman other than soda.

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