Stay Fit While in the Office: 7 Fitness Tips for the Working Woman

Stay Fit While in the Office: 7 Fitness Tips for the Working Woman

Are you struggling to stay fit? When you work nine-to-five, it’s often difficult to fit exercise in, especially if you have a long commute afterwards. All you want to do is get home and put your feet up. Here are some tips to stay fit while you’re in the office.

happy-smiling-young-businesswoman-workWalk Around the Office as Much as Possible

The more active you are around the office, the better you will feel. If you work in a call centre or at a desk, use a hands-free set so you can walk around while you talk.

Get up every hour or so and offer to make a teas and coffees for everyone. You could even choose to stand as you type instead of sitting all day.

rowing-exercise-gymSplit Your Exercise Into Chunks

Don’t try to do all your exercise at one time. You may hear that 30 minutes per day is healthy but it doesn’t mean in one chunk.

Split it down into two or three sessions during the day so you can get it done while working. You could do it in the morning and then after work or even during your lunch hour.

woman-walking-dogGo for a Walk at Lunch

Most work places have between 45 minutes and an hour for lunch. Don’t use that sitting in the break room chatting to friends. Take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

You’ll be surprised by the amount you can actually fit in on your lunch break and how beneficial it is for your fitness.

business-success-planPlan Your Exercise Routine

Make a plan. State when you will do your exercise, how long for and the type of exercise you will do. When you make a plan, you’re more likely to stick to it.

You can see that it realistically fits into your day and there’s time for the things that you want to do. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll lose track of time and will succumb to the junk food!

happy-laughing-friends-summerTell People Your Goals

Make it known in the office that you are trying to get fit – getting fit is better than that you’re trying to lose weight! You’ll be surprised by how much support you gain after that.

You may even find out that others want to join in the challenge with you. By saying your goals aloud, you become more accountable for them to see them through.

exercise-fitness-ballExercise Classes at Lunch

Find an exercise class at lunch time near your workplace. There are some companies offering 20-30 minute classes just for this need.

If you can’t find one, encourage people that you work with to exercise together at lunch time in the car park or somewhere in the office.

couple-talking-exerciseGet the Family to Join In

When you want to spend time with the family, it is easy to avoid the exercise when you get home. Instead of that, get them to join in.

Go for a trip to the park during the summer evenings or turn on the Wii Fit or Kinect and have a laugh together.

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