The Benefits of Eating Honey

The Benefits of Eating Honey

When it comes to sweeteners, some women prefer to use artificial sweetener or to use real sugar. However, there is something else that women can use that is all natural. Honey is a natural sweetener, and eating it can actually be good for a woman’s health.

heart-womanKeeps the heart healthy:

The flavonoids in raw honey can keep the heart healthy. Flavonoids contain antioxidants, and these antioxidants can help the cardiovascular system free from plaque that can clog up the arteries.

Honey contains the sugar sucrose, and sucrose can also reduce a woman’s cholesterol.

Stomach-UlcerReduces the risk of ulcers:

Women who eat honey are protecting their stomachs.

The thickness of honey can coat the stomach and protect the lining from being affected by stomach acid.

feet-woman-jumpA natural antibacterial and antifungal:

Because honey comes from bees, it contains bacteria that come from the bees themselves.

The bees add an extra enzyme, and this enzyme is known to protect a woman’s body from bacteria and certain fungi.

sore-throatHelps with sore throat and cough:

Whenever a woman gets a sore throat or a cough, all of her friends and family will always give her the same advice, which is to take hot tea with honey in it or swallow some honey and lemon.

The honey contains a lot of antioxidants, which can help fight infections.

Studies have shown that honey and lemon mixed together can be just as effective as cough syrup for stopping coughs and soothing the throat.

diabetesCan help with diabetics who have high blood sugar levels:

Most diabetic women think that honey is something they need to stay away from because of the fact its sweet. However, honey is sweet, but not like sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Honey is made from fructose and glucose, which will actually aid the body in taking care of blood sugar levels. Diabetics can enjoy honey without it causing their blood sugar level to go up.

pms-period-menstruation-stomachCan help with digestion and regulation:

Lately, one of the latest health trends is for people to eat foods that contain probiotics. Probiotics are basically good bacteria that can do things like help with digestion, and help keep a woman regular.

Instead of having to go to the corner drugstore to buy probiotic supplements or chews, all a woman has to do is make honey a regular part of their diet.

Honey contains at least 10 different strains of bacteria, and these bacteria can really do a woman’s body a lot of good.

very-long-hairCan help keep skin and hair beautiful:

Though many women use honey for face masks and moisturizers, there is one sure way that honey can make the skin and hair look shiny and beautiful.

The best way to really take advantage of honey for its beauty benefits is to eat it. The antibacterial properties that occur naturally in honey can be used to keep both skin and hair looking great.

Women who eat honey at least three times a week report that their skin is smooth, firm, and radiant. Honey can do more for a woman’s skin then all the beauty creams in the world.

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