The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Exercise is a necessary part for weight loss. In fact, exercise is a great way to live healthily and have more energy. When doing exercises to lose weight, there are some that are better than others. Here are some of the best options to do to burn the fat and tone the muscle.

running-sport-shoes-womanWalking or Running

Cardiovascular training is the best type of exercise for weight loss. It burns more calories than strength training and helps with the burning of fat.

Walking or running are the popular options. If you are new to exercise, it is best to work your wait up to higher intensity levels.

Start by walking regularly and increase the speed gradually. This helps to avoid injury by building your muscles and endurance capabilities.


For those who are very new to exercise and have so much weight that walking is difficult, swimming is an excellent option.

The water will support your weight, which means that you don’t feel as much as pain as with other types of exercises for weight loss. You will also work every muscle in your body, which offers a better workout than running!

Don’t be shy about jumping in the pool and have a friend to go with you if you are nervous at first.


This is another full body workout and is great for raising the heart rate. Rowing is actually very effective in toning as well as helping you lose weight, so you build muscle at the same time.

You can buy a rowing machine or use one in the gym but there are also the rubber resistance bands that hook around your feet to give you a similar cardio exercise.

gym-exercise-thumbs-upAny Type of Interval Training

Hill reps, switching between sprints and walking or even sprint swimming and slower options are great for weight loss.

Interval training often feels easier for some but you are doing much more for your body.

By raising your heart rate and getting it to drop quickly, you are increasing the amount that it has to work and helping your body burn more calories.

You will also improve your recovery time.

leg-raise-exercise-abdomenLeg Raises

Lie on the floor on your back, with your hands under your couch or another stable object.

Now you need to raise your legs together and slowly lower them until they are just off the floor and repeat.

Leg raises are excellent for improving your core stability and the whole stomach area – much better than sit ups!

plank-exerciseThe Plank

Lay on your front and lift your body up so only your toes and elbows are touching the ground.

Your body needs to lie straight – don’t cheat by putting your buttocks in to the air!

This is another exercise that is great for the core stability. Hold the position for as long as you can and build it up so you hold it for a minute or two!

trx-exercise-gymBodyweight Training

You do not need to get a gym membership or buy expensive equipment to lose weight.

Bodyweight training is a great way to build your muscles so you lose weight and look great! These include push ups, pull ups and squats to build the different muscle groups.

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