The Best Foods For the Fall

The Best Foods For the Fall

When the autumn comes, there are certain foods that are only available during this very special time of year. There are 7 foods that are associated with fall that can make cooking even more fun during those cool autumn nights. Here are the best foods for the fall that every woman should go get from her local supermarket.


Between the months of August and November, all kinds of apples grow all around the country. Apples can be used in just about any dish, and the fruit is full of antioxidants and fiber.

A mug of hot apple cider topped with cinnamon is a good way to ward off the cooler fall weather.


Every fall, the pumpkin patches are bursting with big, fat, round pumpkins that will soon be turned into Halloween carvings or pumpkin pie.

The pumpkins are in bloom from October to February, and there are a lot of benefits to pumpkins like potassium, fiber, and vitamin B.


Parsnips are in the carrot family, but are not orange in color. The flavor of parsnip is sweeter than carrots, and can be made into sauces and soups.

The time of year for parsnips is between October and April. Parsnips have as much potassium in them as bananas, and these vegetables are also high in fiber.


Pears are picked between August and February, and baked pears are a very popular dish. This fruit is sweet, delicious, and contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber.

A popular way to cook the pear is to use it in a pie with raisins and apples for a delicious treat that is also very healthy.


Cauliflower is available at the grocery store from September until June. Some people turn cauliflower into a healthy substitute for mashed potatoes.

Some ingredients in cauliflower can stop cancer cells from forming in the body, contains a high amount of vitamin C, and can also help lower cholesterol.


Squash can be available all year long, but there are many different varieties. Winter squash is ready for harvest from October to February.

The skin of this squash is a lot thicker than the variety that is grown in the summer time. Winter squash contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can do things for the body like lower cholesterol and protect the heart.

Sweet-potatoes-filledSweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are considered to be a lot healthier than their white potato counterpart. When Thanksgiving time rolls around, sweet potatoes are turned into a healthy substitute for pumpkin pie and casseroles.

Sweet potatoes are available from September to December, and the vegetable has a lot of iron, vitamin A, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Arthritis suffers can find relief from their painful swollen joints if they make sweet potatoes a regular part of their diet.

There many ways to prepare sweet potatoes, but the best way to prepare these vegetables is to roast them, which will preserve all the healthy things about this orange vegetable.

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