The Dangers of Diet Soda – Why Every Woman Should Stop Drinking It

The Dangers of Diet Soda – Why Every Woman Should Stop Drinking It

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day when a glass of diet soda on ice. However, that bubbly glass of drink may taste good, but it can do a lot of damage to a woman’s body. Studies have shown that diet soda can be the worst thing a woman can drink, and here are the reasons why every woman should avoid diet soda.

insulin-diabetesAn effect on the nervous system:

One of the biggest ingredients in diet soda is artificial sweetener, that is what makes it diet so a woman with a medical condition like diabetes can drink it.

However, though artificial sweeteners do make foods and drinks sweet, they can act as a neurotoxin to the body.

A neurotoxin can target the nervous system and interrupt the way the brain cells communicate with one another. The artificial sugar can also be converted into formaldehyde, which can poison the body.

headache-womanThe cause of headaches:

Another ingredient in diet soda is Sucralose. Another artificial sweetener Sucralose has been known to cause headaches.

Many studies on Sucralose have shown that it can cause migraines, and issues with the digestive system.

Studies have also shown that women who consume Sucralose are more prone to crave sugar and their appetite is increased.

fat-woman-scalesIncreases the chances of becoming obese:

The fact is that diet soda has been linked to people gaining weight.

When a woman drinks a diet soda, her brain perceives the artificial sugar as real sugar, which causes her brain to make more insulin, which can cause the body to gain weight.

With diet soda, a woman’s chances of becoming obese go up as much as 50 percent for every one to two cans she drinks.

dry-soilCaffeine can cause dehydration:

The caffeine in diet soda is a diuretic, which means that it helps flush fluid out that is in the tissue of the body.

A woman needs to remember that diet soda is not a substitute for water, and the more diet soda that a woman drinks the more her body may become dehydrated.

soda-canAcid in the diet soda can harm the body:

Diet soda has a lot of acid in it, which can cause a woman’s bones and teeth to become brittle and osteoporosis can occur.

Acid in the body can also cause the skin to become dry, which will make a woman look older than she is.

chest-painThe heart can be affected:

A woman who drinks diet soda every day is increases her chances of having a heart related incident.

Studies have shown that a woman has a 61 percent chance of having a heart attack if she drinks diet soda every day.

The risk for heart attack goes up as a woman gets older as well, and her chance may be even higher if she has other medical conditions.

toxicThe body can become polluted:

The ingredients in diet soda can include such things as artificial coloring, carbonated water, potassium benzoate, and phosphoric acid.

All of these ingredients can end up in a woman’s liver and in her intestines, which can has her to have any number of health problems.

Diet soda can be delicious especially on a hot summer day, but when a woman looks at the effects it can have on her body, she may be surprised at how much damage it can cause.

A woman may love diet soda, but she will be much better off having water on ice instead.

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